Flagship Projects
International Literacy Day
BDD Chawl Municipal School

Poonam Lalvani and Komal Israni with students of Ambedkar School

Microcredit Scheme

The main idea of the Microcredit Scheme is to empower women by making them financially self-reliant. In line with the theme ‘Charity with Responsibility’, small-scale women entrepreneurs are encouraged and helped to become economically independent by being extended repayable interest-free loans. Women, who are not eligible for bank loans or who would have to pay such usurious rates of interest that their business cannot succeed, can avail this.

NGOs, Vocational Training Groups and Ladies Clubs identify women who can benefit from this. Initially, the women applying for the loan are interviewed, their credibility assessed and the viability of their enterprise determined. Thereafter, there is periodic interaction with the women to motivate them and to encourage them to repay their loans regularly.

The Inner Wheel Club of Bombay has been running this scheme for the last 12 years under the benevolent and able leadership of PDC Lata Palekar. She has helped innumerable women start tiffin services and other home-based businesses and her observation is that women feel responsible about repaying the loan especially when they are made to realise that their repayments will finance the next batch of needy women. Lata has several success stories to narrate. One she relates with great enthusiasm and even pride is of a lady whose loan enabled her to start supplying just one tiffin box a day and who is now employing several others to run a take-away outlet. She also mentions cases of never-do-good husbands who were motivated by their wives’ success and now assist the wives in the business.

The success of the Microcredit scheme has spurred the District Chairman 2014-15 to make it one of her key focus areas for the District and our Lata is heading the team and guiding other Clubs to replicate the model.

DC Himadri and PDC Lata with President Rupali addressing girls availing Microcredit

The drinking water project, which was completed in Ambe village by constructing a bore well and getting the water connection in the village. The women were spared the distance, and could utilize that time for some other good work.

5 cows donated to Bhangar Village for providing milk at Ashramshala

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay inaugurated a fresh water project at Shiravali Thakurpada village, Panvel on 26th February 2011. District Chairman Ms. Indira Kotak along with PAP & Rural Project Committee Chairman Raksha Mehta & President Geeta Kapur inaugurated the water project. Also seen in the picture are PP Falguni Mehta, Rupali Sen & Sadhana Jain.

IWC Bombay set up a spining wheel centre for the Adivasi Ashramshala to improve their concentration skill. (2009-10)

Past Presidents Projects (2009-10) of IWC Bombay was setting up an English Language Laboratory at the Adivasi Ashramshala for improving communication skills.

Dist. Chairman, Mrs. Indira Kotak's magnanimous contribution of Rs. 30 lakhs through IWC of Bombay has resulted in a new Rural Women Empowerment Centre at B.M.Centre, Shantivan, to expand the spectrum of existing activities. The Centre will help to create awareness, through residential training programmes, to empower villagers to become knowledgeable participants in decision making, conduct courses in cottage industries, handicrafts and other need based vocational courses.

Raksha Mehta shows the progress to the Dist Committee members at Wakadi

Donated 16 Sewing Machines and 2 Lift Irrigation Pumps to the Rural Dist Project - Shantivan


Our Districts Urban medical project on 2nd January, 2019 at 3pm. At Tata Memorial Hospital with PDC Raksha Mehta, Indira Kotak and Association President Smita Pingle.

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay at the Installation ceremony of the Bubble C Pap machine for the Neonatal Ward of Sion hospital. This life saving equipment for premature infants was generously donated by Jyoti Doshi. Present at the ceremony was IWC Association President Dr Kapila Gupta, District 314 Chairman Indira Kotak, ESO Jyoti Doshi, President Geeta Kapur & Malti Jain.

ENT and Eye Medical Camp at SEC

Rural Visit Near Panvel

16th of January 2013 was a very special day for the members of the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay, when their 7th GBM was held in the transcendent settings of rural villages near Panvel. ‘To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service’ being one of the objects of the IWC, a group of urban ladies set off early morning to experience the lifestyle of their counterparts in rural settings. The group also included Mr. Nowroze Vajifdar, President, Rotary Club of Bombay, Mr. Pranay Vakil, and Mrs. Silla Ardeshir, the founder Dist Chairman of Dist 314.

The eventful day began with Raksha Mehta and Falguni Mehta taking everyone around Balwantrai Mehta Local Self Government Training Centre. Since 1995, Inner Wheel Club of Bombay has focused on 40 villages near Panvel, to help them to become hunger free and self sufficient in areas of drinking water, health, education, sanitation and self employment.

15,000 families comprising a population of 40,000 are being continuously supported To: njnvrotary@gmail.com; anmolsp@gmail.com

Disabled and Aged

Inner Wheel club of Bombay sponsored the annual swimming competition of SEC & SRCC schools at the YMCA swimming pool, Agripada. Eighty children from 3 schools participated in the event on 22nd Februrary, 2011. Members present were President Geeta Kapur, Zarine Chothia, Rashna Cooper, Malti Jain & Roopal Thakkar.

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay sponsored the Fun City at the Orthopedic mela organized for the physically challenged children at Orthopedic hospital on 18th february 2011. Club members also donated a variety of desserts for a food stall. Seen in the picture along with Rotary Club ofBombay North is IWC President Geeta Kapur, Zarine Chothia, Rashna Cooper & Malti Jain.

Nehru Centre Shri Kummar Chatterjee

Callipers presented to Shahnavaz from SEC School at the Installation

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay on 13th December 2010 inaugurated the Battery Bank Project at the Central Society for the Education of the Deaf, Agripada. The Club has sponsored the supply of batteries for the hearing aids of underprivileged children with hearing impairment. Members of the club met with the children and teachers of the school and were given a tour of the school by Hon. Chairperson Mary J. Behlihomji. Seen in the picture is President Geeta Kapur, Hon Sec Sweta Vakil, Zarine Chothia, Malti Jain, Arti Sanghi & Avi Dastoor with Mary J. Behlihomji.

Community Service

Midday Meal for Ashramshala Children

Dance Competition by trainees of Vocational Dept. at Ambedkar School

Enjoying getting the Adivasi couples married are Sadhana Jain, Falguni Mehta and Raksha Mehta (April 2009)

Mira Mehta 1st Award handed out at our installation

District Dignitaries and membets at the inauguration of the Assembly Hall at Ashramshala

Mendhi Competition at BDD Chawl

Felicitating the Freedom Fighters

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay on 13th December 2010 donated blankets to the physically challenged resident students of SEC school (School for the Education of the Crippled) at Kanha Patha, Lonavala. President Geeta Kapur presented the blankets to Ms. Zarine Chothia on behalf of the SEC School. The picture includes Hon. Secretary - Sweta Vakil, Members - Malti Jain & Arti Sanghi.

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