Past Projects & Events
Loan given to Ladies under the micro credit scheme, to open small businesses
Laughter therapy sessions conducted at SEC school Khar Danda for the children
Car rally participants President Zarin,Mita and Babita. Inner Wheel branding also took place
Pre and post surgery expenses of 4 students of SEC school were sponsored by our Club
Donation of various requirements to the Old Age Home Parukh Dharamshalla
The celebrations took place with the ladies who avail of various initiatives offered by the Club at the Ambedkar Municipal School
District Urban project at PKC hospital Vashi. The Cautery Machine was donated by IWC Bombay
The GBM was held at the Yearly outstation trip at Ahmedabad
Sports day at Bombay Institute for the Deaf and Mutes was sponsored by IWC Bombay
Hot pots donated at Kalyan Prison
Book donation at SRCC.
NAB association Lonavla. IWC Bombay gave donation for the rehabilitation of senior citizens with visual impairment
A fun filled GBM at Arin Master's Lonavla Bunglow
Donation of shoes for the sports day of students of David Sassoon Matunga.
Spectacles for the inmates of Arthur Road Jail were donated by IWC Bombay by IWC Bombay
Donation given to Dr Yoga Nambiar under the initiative ' Is Diwali no pet Khali'
A Rangoli competition was held with GBM at Malabar Hill Club.
Utensils were donated by IWC Bombay at David Sassoon Matunga.
A donation cheque given to Suresh Naidu of Animal rescue foundation on 25th September.
A fellowship was planned by our President at Banganga temple on 11th September
A laptop was donated by our member donors to an enterprising student Altaf.
Diapers were donated by IWC Bombay to Jamshedji Jeejeehoy Home
Large Vessels were donated by IWC Bombay to David Sassoon Children School Matunga.
Art work given to SEC school, sponsored by PDC Jyoti Doshi.
Project attended by PP Shilpa Mehta, Mita Roy, Ashwini Vernekar and Zarin Havewala
The IWC Bombay held it's first GBM on 26 th July at Orient Club.
10th GBM, and AGM - 21st June 2023
A cheque to Ratnanidhi Foundation towards a meal van on 1st June 2022.
A cheque to Ratnanidhi Foundation towards a meal van on 1st June 2022.
Donation towards teachers salaries in Yusuf Meherauly centre on 1st june 2022.
Donation towards teachers salaries in Yusuf Meherauly centre on 1st june 2022.
Stretchers Donation at Tata Memorial Hospital on 31stMay 2022.
Stretchers Donation at Tata Memorial Hospital on 31stMay 2022.
Stretchers Donation at Tata Memorial Hospital on 31stMay 2022.
Donation towards Ashray shelter home on 31st may 2022.
Donation towards Ashray shelter home on 31st may 2022
GBM and fellowship at Matunga Gymkhana on 23 rd March 2022.
A fun filled GBM and fellowship at Matunga Gymkhana
Birwa Qureshi's talk on preservation of the Monuments
A talk by Dr Anita from KEM on the association of Neonatal ward and IWC
Flamingo Watching trip at Airoli on 9 th March 2022.
Flamingo Watching trip at Airoli by IWC Bombay on 9th March
DEEDs :An NGO founded by Mrs Radha Bajaj on 29 th December 2021.
Donation was given towards Education and Employment of the disadvantaged
A fellowship at Cafe Arpan on 16 th December 2021.
Pre Christmas vibes with differently abled children
Pre Christmas vibes with differently abled children
Adult literacy an ongoing project(December week) 2021.
Adult literacy an ongoing project (December)
Adult literacy an ongoing project (December)
Members loved the different atmosphere of the GBM on 15 th December 2021.
S.H.E.D. NGO. - Distribution of 13 laptops and some snacks to children of S. H. E. D, Santacruz on 26 th November 2021.
S.H.E.D. NGO. - Distribution of 13 laptops and some snacks to children of S. H. E. D, Santacruz
School Kits donation and distribution to Children of NGO Young Creative minds at Rajiv Gandhi slums wadala east on 25 th November 2021.
School Kits donation and distribution to Children of NGO Young Creative minds
School Kits donation and distribution to Children of NGO Young Creative minds
GBM held on 17 th November 2021 at President Shilpa Mehta's house.
GBM held on 17 th November at President Shilpa Mehta's house
Kavach Janani on 29 th October 2021 at Nurturing Minds an NGO of Bharati Trivedi Grant Road.
Hygiene kit distribution to tribal young girls.
Diwali welcome with Adult Literacy teachers on 29 th October 2021 at President Shilpa Mehta's Residence Raheja Vivaria.
Distribution of Ingredients to the teachers for making Diwali goodies and sweets.
Official Club Visit by DC Sunita Jain and ECM ,GBM conducted on 6 th October 2021 at Orient Club
DC Sunita Jain with IWC Bombay Office bearers. On the day of official club visit and GBM.
Pesident Shilpa Mehta presenting a small token to DC Sunita Jain.
CC Ashwini Vernekar with DC Sunita Jain.
DC Sunita Jain, PDC Falguni Mehta and IWC members at the GBM.
DC Sunita Jain was very happy to spend time with President Shilpa Mehta and the members.
Dc Sunita Jain reviewing the files of the office bearers. ISO Mita Roy, treasurer Roopal with the DC
Navratri colours theme celebrated by IWC members on all 9 days from 7 th to 15 th October
Senior citizens day celebration at Parulh Dharamshala on 1st October 2021
Entertained them with songs and skits
Senior citizens day on 1st October was spent with 60 senior citizens of Parukh Dharamshala
IWC Bombay members sponsored the lunch
Shraddhanand Mahilashram project - distribution of B protein powder, (for boosting immunity) on 24th September 2021
Shraddhanand Mahilashram Project on 24 th September. Donation of B protein powder worth Rs 15000 to the Ashram kanyad and some senior citizens
Shraddhanand Mahilashram Project on 24 th September. Donation of B protein powder worth Rs 15000 to the Ashram kanyad and some senior citizens
GBM held on 15 th September 2021 on zoom
Clay leaf Platter making worshop by Bandana Agarwal really gave the members an art tonic on 9th September 2021
IWC Bombay President Shilpa Mehta with her team celebrated Teachers day with the teachers Ambedkar school of Adult literacy and gave them a token of appreciation on 6th September 2021.
Inner Wheel Club of Bombay team at West Zone meet 'Confetti' on 28th and 29th August 2021.
1st and 2nd GBM on 25th August 2021
President Shilpa Mehta's Speech after installation on 23/07/2021
Shilpa Mehta With the IWC Banner
President Shilpa Mehta takes the new charge
IPP Swati Bhansali Installing Shilpa Mehta
President Shilpa Mehta's new team of enthusiastic office bearers
President Shilpa Mehta's Speech after installation
Chief Guest Ila Arun speaking on the Occasion
PP Shweta Vakil introducing the Mira Mehta Awardee
PDC Falguni Mehta Introducing Sunita Jain
A superb Kathak dance rendition by Shreya
DC Sunita Jain Speaking on the Occasion
IPP Swati presenting the IWC documents to President Shilpa Mehta
PDC Mira Mehta award 2021 presented to Ms Padma Palit for outstanding social work.
The New Executive Committee with office bearers and President Shilpa are definitely going to be a solid team
Members finally met physically at Hotel President on 30/06/2021
Members finally met physically at Hotel President for the first time over Tea and some masti
Member Rupali Sen (centre) was the unanimous choice for this year's Club Award.
Certificate of Appreciation given to Komal by President Swati on her retirement as Treasurer.
DC Amala and members jointly cutting a cake in celebration of the year's achievements
President Swati with DC Amala as she holds a beautiful gift by Shyamaji
Our ever willing members singing commemorative songs for Rupali, Lataji & Komal, and a piem in honour of DC Amala
Inauguration of water project at Dignity Lifestyle, Neral on 29/06/2021
Inaugurating the Project by PP Jayati , PP Sweta and Soni Israni
Inaugurating the Project by PP Jayati , PP Sweta and Soni Israni
The newly constructed reservoir for water conservation…with a capacity for 9.8 lakh litres of water
Devotional song being rendered by PP Susmita Mitra
PP Jayati Dasgupta giving her inaugural speech
Dr. Sheilu Srinivasan addressing the guests for her vote of thanks
Members enjoying a relaxed time in the Dignity Lifestyle complex
Members were taken to the newly constructed FTD centre and given a guided tour
Members enjoying a delicious lunch after the event
The resident Senior Citizens attended the event
All Inner Wheel members along with RCB members enjoying a photo session!
Time to say goodbye after a day well spent!
Club support of District's Ration Distribution by Yusuf Meherally Centre at Tara Village on 21/6/2021
Club support of District's Ration Distribution by Yusuf Meherally Centre at Tara Village
Club support of District's Ration Distribution by Yusuf Meherally Centre at Tara Village
Club support of District's Ration Distribution by Yusuf Meherally Centre at Tara Village
GBM and AGM on 16/6/2021
Record attendance by Members at last GBM & AGM of the year
Record attendance by Members at last GBM & AGM of the year
Members congratulate Rupali who won this year's Club Award for her outstanding contribution to the club
Members thanked Komal for 12 years of service as Treasurer as she retires this year
VP Shilpa thanking all members for attending in large numbers and for an eventful year
Neonatal ward supplies for KEM & Sion Hospitals handed over to their staff on 22/5/2021
Neonatal ward supplies for KEM & Sion Hospitals handed over to their staff for May requirements
Neonatal ward supplies for KEM & Sion Hospitals handed over to their staff for May requirements
Dry Ration support to BMC school students on 7/5/2021
Dry Ration support to BMC school students during 2nd wave of pandemic
Students socially distanced & masked await their rations
Packages of dal, sugar, oil, tea, soaps being handed over
Club OCV,AGM and GBM on 25/3/2021
District Chairman Amala Mehta at Club OCV, ECM & GBM with club members
PDC Falguni Mehta introducing DC Amala Mehta
DC Amala Mehta appreciating the good work done by President Swati Bhansali and her team
DC Amala shares her observations and experiences during the pandemic year
President Swati Bhansali was all ears as DC Amala Mehta went through our Club's projects through the year
Secretary Vatsala Jatia at the Club OCV, ECM and GBM meet.
Treasurer Shivangi Sheth was all ears as DC Amala Mehta went through our Club's projects through the year
PP Komal Israni (Hon. Treasurer - Charity Account) was all ears as DC Amala Mehta went through our Club's projects through the year
PDC Lata Palekar (Chairman microcredit scheme) was all ears as DC Amala Mehta went through our Club's projects through the year
CC Ankita Bagri enjoying listening to DC Amala Mehta at the Club OCV, ECM and GBM
ISO Neelam Goyel enjoying online OCV, ECM and GBM
Vice President Shilpa Mehta delivering vote of thanks
PP Jayati Dasgupta happily presenting water harvesting project
Sadhana Jain member of the Executive Committee was all ears as DC Amala Mehta went through our Club's projects through the year
Talk by Vinita Bali on “Why Nutrition matters” on 9/3/2021
President Swati introducing Global Business Leader Vinita Bali to talk on 'Why Nutrition matters
Vinita Bali speaks at a joint meeting hosted by Inner Wheel Club of Bombay & Rotary Club of Bombay
At bottom left, Rotary Club of Bombay President Fali Mehta listens attentively, as do Malti Jain & President Swati
Content Developer for Social Media talks to members on International Women's Day 8/3/2021
At bottom left, Freyan Bhathena, Content Developer for Social Media Talks to members on International Women's Day
Members listening attentively to Freyan Bhathena, Content Developer for Social Media.
SRCC Center for child development on 4/3/2021
President Swati, with PP Anita Parikh & PP Rashna Cooper handing over cheque to Trustee Jyoti Doshi at Rehabilitation Centre of SRCC
PP Anita Parikh handing over cheque to Rehabilitation Centre, SRCC on 4 th March
District conference ARPAN on 19th February 2021
President Swati with PDC Falguni & Incoming President Shilpa at District Conference Arpan
Mid Day Meal on 18th February 2021
Members supported SHED's mid day meal of nutritious food for a month to BMC school children
8 th GBM on 17th February 2021
Members at the 8 th GBM on zoom
Members at the 8 th GBM on zoom
Members at the 8 th GBM on zoom
Members at the 8 th GBM on zoom
Members at the 8 th GBM on zoom
The GBM was followed by a talk on Superfoods & Wellness by Neha Morarji
Bach Flower Remedies talk presented by Suchitra Hari, Practioner & Trainer on 28th January 2021
Bach Flower Remedies Talk presented by Suchitra Hari, Practitioner & Trainer
Members listened and interacted with her with great interest.
7th gbm on 20th January 2021
Members attending first GBM of 2021
Members attending 7th GBM on Zoom
Club Award(2019-2020) presented to talented Zarin Havewala by PP Jayati Dasgupta
Address by President Swati Bhansali on commemorating National Day of the Girl Child
Commemorating National Day of the Girl Child Talk by Dr Frances Vaidya- President IWC of Bombay Filmcity
PP Rashna Cooper speaking how IWC of Bombay sponsors changed the lives of two girls.
Pooja,thanking IWC of Bombay for what she is today.
Khelo India Khelo Sports Meet on 10th January 2021
Inauguration of the event by President Swati Bhansali
Yoga on Music
Senior Marathon
Grandparents enjoying Musical Chairs
Prize distribution by our Club
Tug of war
Children enjoying delicious meal after playing sports
International Inner wheel Day on 10th January 2021
Digital E-Learning installed at SHED on 7th January 2021
Digital E- Learning TV installed at SHED on 7.1.20
President Swati Bhansali with students of SHED
Meal sponsored by Devina Shah on 7-January-2021 for SHED students.
Also at SHED - special meal for 180 students supported by Devina Shah
Senior citizens at NAB Khandala enjoying their meal
NAB Khandala Special Meal on 7-January-2021 for 60 Residents supported by Devina Shah’s family
6th GBM on 16th December 2020
The year end spirit was on show at the 6th GBM.
Celebrated Singer Marie Paul gave us her peppy spiritual christmas fare
Our enthusiastic members danced and sang to adapted versions of Jingle Bells in Indian languages
And ended with cartoon dance videos of our members shaking a leg to bid goodbye to 2020
And ended with cartoon dance videos of our members shaking a leg to bid goodbye to 2020
And ended with cartoon dance videos of our members shaking a leg to bid goodbye to 2020
President Swati in the festive mood
Malti wishing all members Merry Christmas and Happy 2021 in style.
And our ever sporting Malti was the best ever - Santa & Christmas spirit from top to toe!
Happy, smiling faces of our members as we brought the curtain down to 2020
Happy, smiling faces of our members as we brought the curtain down to 2020
Jayshree Shah conducting online creative workshop for mmbers of IWC of Bombay on 8th December 2020
Jayshree Shah showcasing her creativity
Jayshree Shah conducting online creative workshop for members of IWC of Bombay.
Members listening attentively and trying to follow Jayshrees instructions.
Member Avi Dastoor’s beautiful rendition
5 th GBM pn on 18th November 2020
Enthusiastic Members attended the 5 th GBM with smiles & fine dressing
A nostalgic evening of evergreen songs by Dr Rahul Joshi entertained our members.
A spontaneous dance medley by Malti with Dr Joshi was the surprise entertainment for the evening
A big Thank You from Malti to Dr Joshi on behalf of all members for a lively evening
Habitat's Family Essential Kit Distribution by our Club at a Buddhist Temple in Powai on 11th November 2020
Habitat's Family Essential Kit Distribution by our Club at a Buddhist Temple in Powai on 11.11.20
Pres. Swati & PP Geeta with slumdwellers & Food packets ready for distribution
Food packages stacked with rice, flour, sugar, dal, tea, oil etc
Slum ladies came in batches to collect their kits, all masked appropriately.
Covid stickers with Inner Wheel,District 314 branding
President Swati Bhansali going out in these difficult times with COVID stickers of Inner Wheel Club District 314, branding and being a responsible citizen.
Covid stickers with Inner Wheel,District 314 branding on maidan.
COVID sticker With Inner wheel, District 314 branding on Tempo.
COVID Sticker with Branding of Inner Wheel,District 314 on Taxi by Inner wheel club of Bombay.
COVID sticker with Branding of Inner Wheel at the Milkbooth.
Nutritional support programme by our club at SHED Kalina on 5th November 2020
Nutritional support programme by our club at SHED Kalina on 05/11/2020
BMC school children from nearby slums whose free food supplies have dried up since closure of school due to lockdown.
President Swati Bhansali distributing food to the BMC students at SHED Kalina
Students offering prayer before starting their meal
Sweets- Diwali celebrations
Diwali mithai for Adivasi villagers in Palghar distributed by our Club
Happy Faces
Finally some celebrations after such a long time.Blessings by the ladies to all the donors and organisers
Art Wizards on 28th October 2020
Tejal Mehta and Radhika Jatia of Art Wizards conduct a Madhubani painting class for members.
Seen here are some of the beautiful renditions done by our members.
Members Ankita, Zarin, Avi & Niloufer showing their interpretations.
Society for Human and Environmental Development visit on 14th October 2020
SHED Centre at Kalina, founded by Begum B Latif
SHED CEO Mr Tawde with President Swati at the distribution of rations & medicines at Kalina Centre
President Swati with Staff of SHED & recipients of Ration & medicines from Kalina slums
Distribution kits ready to be handed over to Dharavi slumdwellers, with SHED staff
Handmade card presented to IWC of Bombay as a token of appreciation
Immunity and Gut Health in COVID times & Optimal Gut Health for Senior Citizens on 13th October 2020
Janvi Chitalia, Nutritionist & Spa Owner speaks to members on 'Nutrition & Gut Health'
Janvi gave handy tips & members had many questions on how to maintain Gut health
VP Shilpa thanked Janvi for her insights as she smilingly looks forward to keeping fit!
International Day of older persons celebration at Parukh Dharamshala on 1st October 2020
On Int'l Day of Older Persons, Parukh Dharamshala residents enjoying cake with members
Socially distanced residents enjoyed chatting with PP Rashna, Soni & President Swati
Members contributed ceiling fans, diapers, drawsheets, Mixer-grinder & biscuits for the residents
Kamal Malhi, Founder of Center for Clinical Psychotherapy, Mindfulness Teacher conducting Emotional Wellness Programme for the Club on 23 September 2020
Kamal Malhi, Founder of Center for Clinical Psychotherapy, Mindfulness Teacher conducting Emotional Wellness Programme for the Club
Members learning basic Meditation and breathing techniques of Pranayam
VP Shilpa thanking Ms Malhi for an interesting session
Members participated in a Zendoodle Workshop on 11 September 2020
Members participated in a Zendoodle Workshop followed by a Competition conducted by Artezvous
CC Ankita won the first prize in the Competition on Dove of Peace drawing
Member Zarin won the second prize with her slogan & drawing
Member Avi won the third prize with her unusual artwork
Third GBM on 16th September 2020.
Members attending Third GBM on zoom
The meeting was followed by a fun few minutes of Housie, conducted by CC Ankita Bagri.
World Charity Day on 5th September 2020
On World Charity Day our Club supported 6 families with rations
Volunteers of Narmada Navnirman Abhiyan distributed the rations at different locations.
Families selected were those where the bread earner had lost his job during the pandemic.
Vedic Maths workshop was conducted by Sheetal Mehta on 27th August 2020 on Zoom
Vedic Maths workshop was conducted by Sheetal Mehta (extreme top left) for our Club Members on August 27, '20, on Zoom
Enthusiastic members participated in the interactive session and learnt the basics of what seemed to be an easier and quicker way to tackle math calculations!
Mask Distribution
Three layered washable masks were supplied to Men & Women at Parukh Dharamshala.
These masks were specially made by students of The Institute for the Deaf in Dehradun, run by one of our members.
Book distribution on 13th August 2020

Book Distribution was held at Agripada Centre of SEC on 13th August, 2020. Our Vice President Shilpa Mehta is seen here with the Teachers and Parents of the children, examining and handing out the books. Educational books for all three centres at Santacruz, Antop Hill and Agripada were generously supplied by our member.

A Presentation on The Milk Bag Project on 12th August 2020

A Presentation on The Milk Bag Project was held on 12.8.20 collectively by 3 NGOs - founded by Hansu, Chitra & Kunti, seen here with President Swati.

Meet Smita Bharti on 7th August 2020
Our Club held a Zoom talk on The Rakshin Project of Sakshi, on 7.8.20, which sensitises young adults on Child Sexual Molestation, Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment.
Presented by eminent speaker Smita Bharti - recipient of Karmaveer Puraskar & a force behind the Vishakha Guidelines of 1997.
Community kitchen distribution to 1400 poor in Mankhurd on 25th July, 2020

The Mandala Community Kitchen preparing, packing and distributing over 1400 food parcels.we arranged for daily wage earners, rag pickers and migrant families on 25th July in Mankhurd.

Installation cum 1st GBM on 22nd July 2020

On 22nd July, 2020, President Swati Bhansali was installed with her Office bearers and Executive Committee for the year 2020-21 over a zoom meeting. This was followed by the Club's First GBM for the year. The programme ended with the renowned Dancer - Aditi Bhagwat's interpretation of our International Inner Wheel Theme : 'Leading the Change' in Dance and Rhythm.

President Swati Bhansali installed over a zoom meeting.
Online Installation of president Swati Bhansali with her team members.
Online Installation of Executive team members.
The Club saw a record attendance of 54 members at the zoom meeting.
Seen here are screen shots of members as they started coming into the Meeting.
Aditi Bhagwat brought the afternoon meeting to a close with a scintilating performance of traditional classical dances like kathak & lavni together with fusion of Tap dancing, flamenco, jazz etc, to demonstrate how, over, time, as a Performing Artist, she has 'led the Change' to meet the demands of contemporary world audiences.
School Stationery distribution to 63 slum children on 16th July 2020 at Ambujwadi, Malad (W).
National Doctor's Day - 1st July, 2020

1st July 2020, the first day of the new Inner Wheel year, is National Doctors Day. This day was celebrated by the Club with much enthusiasm. As requested by our Association President Vasudhaa Chandrachud, our Club ran a campaign with individual customized message containing individual photos of the members and a message; “Saluting the REAL HEROES for protecting us and being a symbol of Hope”.

Members of the Club wholeheartedly supported this initiative by sending the message to their friends and families and on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

PDC Silla Ardeshir Saluting the REAL HEROES
PDC Raksha Mehta Saluting the REAL HEROES
PDC Chandrakala Agarwalla Saluting the REAL HEROES
PDC Kanta Anand Saluting the REAL HEROES
PDC Lata Palekar Saluting the REAL HEROES
PDC Jyoti Doshi Saluting the REAL HEROES
PDC Indira Kotak Saluting the REAL HEROES
PDC Falguni Mehta Saluting the REAL HEROES
President Swati Bhansali Saluting the REAL HEROES
Online COTI 2020-2021
Incoming District Chairman Amala Mehta conducted an Online Officers Training Institute 2020-2021 for Incoming President Swati with Incoming Executive Committee Members Vatsala, Shivangi, Ankita & Neelam.
Swimming Gala at SEC school, Agripada on on 3rd March 2020

Society for the Education of the Challenged (SEC) is a school that educates the physically handicapped children from the under-privileged strata of society.

Besides imparting education to the children, SEC encourages them to participate in various fields, like sports, swimming, cultural activities, art, vocational training, educational camps etc to enable them to be confident to face life in future.

Swimming forms a very important part of the curriculum of the school. The swimming lessons by professional coaches is used as a form of therapy and also to prepare the students for the swimming competition held every year by the SEC. Swimming encourages the children to move beyond their physical limitations.

This year too, the annual swimming gala was held on 3rd March . It was sponsored by the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay through Past President Sandra Merchant. The students look forward to this day with great excitement. It is amazing to see the children swim in the pool, despite their disabilities vying with each other in a competitive spirit.

Children with severe disabilities are applauded and cheered as they make an all-out effort to finish their lap. The competition also includes games with balloons and balls in the pool, along with a school-wise relay competition. (between the 3 units of SEC School).

The swimming gala also teaches us not to give up easily when faced with difficulties but face them bravely.

Joy requires nothing and gives much, and these children teach us the ability to create joy.

Members at the event
Ready,Steady and Go
Welcome dance in pool
PP Sandra Merchant distributing prize
ISO Zarin Havewala with the winner
President Jayati Dasgupta giving medal and gift to the winner.
Winners of the team event
Inner Wheel Members with the staff and teachers of SEC school.
8th GBM cum fellowship at Dehradun on 18th Feb 2020

For the past three years the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay has been having an outstation trip along with GBMs. After having it at Lonavala and Baroda for the past two years, this year it was at Rishikesh.

The four day trip included Dehradun at the Himalayan foothills, Rishikesh the spiritual city on the banks of Ganga, and to Mussoorie a beautiful Hill Station. It was arranged and organized by our Club member Radha Bajaj, assisted by our Secretary Vatsala Jatia, and many others. After having the GBM at Aloha Resort, Rishikesh, the group headed to the Beatles Ashram, a Ganga Aarti at sunset time at Triveni Ghat and a walk at Ram Jhoola, which concluded the outings for the day, with dinner and overnight stay at the Ganga Kinare Riverside Resort, Rishikesh.

Day 2 began with a drive to Dehradun for a heart-warming visit to the Bajaj Institute of Learning, a special school for the Hearing Impaired, and then to the Hostel to visit to the NGO Deeds, run by them. We saw their Tailoring unit and had a sumptuous lunch which was sponsored by Radha Bajaj. This was followed by ‘Maitri Sandhya’ a Zonal Fellowship programme organized by District 308. All 8 clubs of the zone participated in it. The fellowship also included the ISO from Ahmedabad. The evening at Antara Senior Living, Dehradun was a great bonding time for our members with Karaoke, songs and dinner.

Day 3 was spent at the beautiful Hill Station Mussoorie and its twin town Landour. After a walk on the picturesque hills of Landour, lunch at J W Marriot Grove Resort and shopping on the mall in Mussoorie, the members returned to Antara Senior Living for another fun evening and dinner.

Day 4 began with an inspiring visit to the Indian Military Academy, an Officer Training Camp of our armed forces. It was followed by a quick lunch sponsored by Radha Bajaj at Asthal Farm House, and then to the airport to conclude a memorable Fellowship which was attended by 22 ladies of the Club.

A warm welcome at the airport by the students of Bajaj Institute
At the Beatles Ashram
At Triveni Ghats
Mahapooja at Triveni Ghats
At Ram Jhoola
Karaoke night at Antara
At Bajaj Institute for the Hearing Impaired
At NGO Deeds
Flag Exchange with ISOs of District 308
Fellowship with Disrict 308
At J W Marriot Grove Resort
At Mussoorie
At the mall, Mussoorie with IW poster in the background
At the Indian Military Academy, Officer Training Camp
President Jayati Dasgupta, PDC Falguni Mehta and IIW BD Patricia Hilton
Haldi Kumkum celebration on 25th January 2020 at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar School, Worli

For the past many years, our Club has been celebrating Haldi Kumkum event for our vocational class students. Like every year, on 25th January 2020, all students of our vocational classes, along with their teachers, gathered to celebrate this event with a lot of enthusiasm.

The event began with the lighting of diya by the Chief Guest Mrs. Falguni Padode, Guest of Honour District Vice Chairman Mrs. Amala Mehta, President Jayati Dasgupta and the members of IWC of Bombay. The performances by the students for speech/dance and competitions for mehendi/ tailoring/ makeup were of a high standard. Beautiful gifts sponsored by PP Shweta Vakil were distributed to the participants and winners of the competitions. Certificates were handed over to successful candidates on completion of various courses.

The celebrations ended with the distribution of 110 return gifts sponsored by the Club member Shyama Poddar and food boxes sponsored by CC Ankita Bagri.

The significant contribution, guidance and encouragement of the teachers and members of IWC of Bombay was appreciated by all the students.

Haldi kumkum event
IWC members with Chief guest Mrs Falguni Padode and Guest of honour District vice chairman Mrs Amala Mehta
President Jayati Dasgupta welcoming Guest of honour District vice chairman Mrs Amala Mehta
Maharashtrian dance performance by students of vocational classes
Tailoring competition
Mehendi competion
Makeup and Hairdo artist and models on the ramp
Garba performance by students
Distribution of certificate to successful candidates on completion of their course
Sports Day celebration at Bombay Institute of Deaf and Mute on 17th January 2020

Bombay Institute for the Deaf and Mute is a school with a noble cause educating special children. Our Club has been sponsoring their annual Sports Day for the past many years.

The event began with march past, and unfurling of national flag by the President Jayati Dasgupta.

Other than the usual athletics there were several innovative games that the children played with a lot of enthusiasm and gay abandon. There were games for the teachers, guests and club members too.

The event ended with the prize distribution.

Flag UNFURLED by President Jayati Dasgupta
Prize distribution by chief guest president Jayati Dasgupta at the Sports Day
Chief Guest President - National Anthem in progress
Inner Wheel members at the event
Balloon Race
Race with a twist
Kids enjoying eating and also gaining energy at midway to complete the race
Best Teacher prize
Innovative games
Garland Race
Participation in games by guests and members
President Jayati Dasgupta receiving 1st prize for the Guest Game
Member Armaity Tirandaz receiving 2nd prize from the Principal of the School
Triumphant winners
7th GBM cum Induction and fellowship on 15th January 2020
Induction of new member Seema Singh by President Jayati Dasgupta
President Jayati Dasgupta with members of District committee
(L-R)-District Vice Chairman Amala Mehta,President Jayati Dasgupta,DC Dr. Devangi Vakharia, ESO PDC Jyoti Doshi and PDC Kanta Anand
Introduction of Mrs Jaya Row by President Jayati Dasgupta
Members enjoying weather and Ambience at the meet
"Chrysanthemum'-District Conference on 10th January 2020 at Taj lands end, Mumbai
(L-R)-District Vice President Amala Mehta,Secretary Vatsala Jatia,President Jayati Dasgupta,ESO PDC Jyoti Doshi,PP Geeta Gogia,District Treasurer Mita Sheth
President Jayati Dasgupta with Zone1 Presidents at the event.
ESO PDC Jyoti Doshi addressing the gathering at the District Conference
Club members with DC Dr.Devangi Vakharia
“SWAYAM” -Inauguration of District Urban Project of Inner Wheel District 314 on 8th January 2020
ESO PDC Jyoti Doshi and President Jayati Dasgupta of Innerwheel Club of Bombay at the District project
President Jayati Dasgupta with Anju Siraj
President Jayati Dasgupta with Zone 1 Presidents
President Jayati Dasgupta and Ashwini Vernerkar at the event.
King and Queen Competition at Parikh Dharamshala on 6th January 2020
Competition in progress
Jayati crowning and putting a sash on the winner
Jayati doing honours for the King
Members with the winners
Malti distributing Rs100 envelopes sponsored by Arnawaz to all the ladies
Malti giving snack boxes to all the ladies
SEC Christmas Party on 19th December 2019

The under-privileged children of SEC (Society for the Education of the Challenged) have just a handful of days when they get to enjoy the pleasures of childhood. Inner Wheel Club of Bombay tries its best to bring cheer in to their lives by organising various events for them. One such event that the children look forward to every year is the Christmas party. This year it was held on 19th December 2019.

The morning began with snacks and drinks sponsored by the Club. The children went in to raptures when they were entertained with a 'Puppet Show' and 'Twisting and Shaping the Balloon'. The entry of Santa Claus added to their festive joy. Beautiful gifts were distributed, courtesy the family of our late member Zarine Chothia. Then it was dancing time for everyone. The enjoyable morning ended with scrumptious lunch sponsored by the Club.

Let the fun begin
Members of IW
Merry Christmas
Put on your dancing shoes
Ready for celebrations
SEC girls in a cheerful mood
Christmas Celebration and 6th GBM on 17th December 2019

On 17th December 2019 our Club held its 6th GBM of this year. It was a very special day, when the members let their hair down with the spirit of joy and happiness that one feels at Christmas time. The venue was Le Sutra the Indian Art Hotel, courtesy our member Radha Bajaj. The GBM took place in the Banquet Hall of the Hotel, which is a dedicated art and cultural space. It was decorated with a Christmas tree, a table, with bells, candles, candy canes, garlands, streamers, stockings, wreaths, snow globes, and angels, spreading the magic of Christmas. All those present were dressed in Christmas colours of red, white and green, with Santa caps. After the GBM some of the members presented Christmas songs and dances. To end the morning on a high note the chefs of the hotel demonstrated making of some mouth-watering dishes such as Crepes and Warm Mushroom Salad. It was a GBM that would be remembered by those who attended for a long time.

Getting Ready For The GBM
Formation of Christmas Tree
Dancers Getting Ready
12 Days of Christmas - First Item
Singing Christmas Carols
Fusion Dance on Jingle Bells
Santa Comes to Greet
We wish you a Merry Christmas
The Spirit of Joy and Happiness That One Feels at Christmas Time
The Magic of Christmas
Demonstration For Making Mouth-Watering Dishes
Chef Demo In Progress
Food Tasting
5th GBM combined with a picnic on 25th November 2019

The Inner Wheel Club of Bombay had a unique fun day on 25th November 2019 when 22 ladies of the club took off by a hired bus / cars to the beautiful bungalow of member Arti Sanghi for its 5th GBM combined with a picnic. They were welcomed with a lavish spread of breakfast with tea / coffee. After refreshing themselves, the members settled down for the GBM presided by Jayati Dasgupta. This was followed by outdoor games in the garden. Games such as 'Nin Pins', 'Ringing the object' and 'Darts' were played with child-like enthusiasm by the members. The amusement then shifted indoors to play some quick-witted games planned by the hostess Arti. The final game was put up by Treasurer Shivangi Sheth, a quiz on Hollywood and Bollywood songs, much enjoyed by all the participants. Another sumptuous lunch spread awaited the members. It was a day that would most certainly be the highlight of Jayati's tenure as a President.

The revellers off to Lonavala by bus for the GBM cum Club picnic
Relaxing after the journey at PP Arti Sanghi's bungalow in Lonavala
Bonding with the Club members
A lavish spread by the hostess Arti Sanghi
5th General Body Meet
Prize winners of the game 'Nine Pins'
Club members trying their hand at the Dart game
Hostess Arti Sanghi handing over a game prize to PDC Indira Kotak
The beautiful porch in the garden
Time to say Goodbye!
SEC Picnic on 15/Nov/2019

One of the on-going projects of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay is a picnic for the children of SEC (Society for the Education of the Challenged). Like every year, on 15th November 2019, 200 handicapped children of the school, together with the staff and helpers collected from early morning at the Rotary Club of Bombay Uptown Gardens, Wadala.
The picnic is being organized with the support of Mr. Sanjay Shah of the Rotary Club of Bombay Uptown Gardens since the year 2009. This year he was joined by President Piyush Patel, Secretary Anoop Nathani and Mrs. Vyjanti Shah. The wholesome lunch for the entire 300 present was sponsored by the Rotary Club and served by its members PP Ashok Karode, Payal Chaddha, Bharati Shah and Jagruti Parekh. Picnic started with a prayer and a song by the SEC children, followed by the students presenting little tokens of love for the guests. Members of Inner Wheel and Rotary, together with the teachers of SEC helped the children with games like Car Racing, Tail the Donkey, Dart game etc. The smiles, on the faces of the children receiving gifts after playing the games, were worth a million dollars.
Each year the four units of the school take part in a competition, which is either singing or dancing. This year in view of 150th birth anniversary celebration of Gandhiji, the four units enacted a play based on Gandhiji’s life. The scenes from Gandhiji being thrown out of the train in South Africa, the three monkeys of Gandhiji, Dandi March and a lesson on punctuality were enacted beautifully by the children. It was a good way for the children to learn about the Father of the Nation.
The children also had an entertaining dancing session. Our club members and the staff of the school too joined the merriment. It was a day that was joyful to the children, and of great satisfaction to adults present.

Members of the Club at SEC picnic,Wadala
Members of the Club with guests
Members along with teachers and children of SEC school.
Members joining the children in merriment.
With the children who enacted the play on Gandhiji's life
With the winners of the Drama Competition on Gandhiji's life
President Jayati Dasgupta and Secretary Vatsala Jatia with the two participants of the Drama Competition on Gandhiji's life
Inauguration of Picnic by President Jayati Dasgupta along with Rotary Club of Bombay Uptown President Piyush Patel
Club Members Visit to Shradhanand Ashram on 30/Oct/2019

A World where Caring is the most prized asset

Members of our Club led by President Jayati paid a visit to Shradhanand Ashram in Matunga, on 30th October. The ashram is home to 170 abandoned children - from babies a few days old, to 18 years. It opens one’s eyes to so many who enter this world totally dependent on the love and care of people other than their biological parents. Some of our Club members donated for this very worthwhile cause.

Here we see some of our members at the ashram.

Music Therapy for Senior Citizens on 15th October 2019

'If Music be the Food of Love......"

At the Dignity Senior Citizen's Centre at Jogeshwari, Inner Wheel Club of Bombay arranged a soul-stirring Music Therapy Session on 16th October, 2019.

Conducted by Manasi Kelkar, daughter of the famous playback singer Uttara Kelkar, Manasi transformed some 60 men & women of the Day Care Centre to shed their inhibitions, sing along, laugh - and even dance along with her. Manasi's easy-going, charming manner and positive energy radiated through the room, endeared her readily to a group of elders whose lives in a slum are mostly short on joy. For that brief while, she helped their spirits soar!

Cheerful and uninhibited, Senior Citizens join Manasi in a lively interactive session
Dr Sheilu Sreenivasan of Dignity Foundation and members of the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay - delighted to bring some happiness at the Day Care Centre at Jogeshwari
Past President Rupali distributing chocolate boxes to the senior citizens.
Manasi singing in her melodious voice.
PP Shweta Vakil, Dr Sheilu Sreenivasan of Dignity Foundation,Manasi and President Jayati Dasgupta at the event.
Senior Citizen Day Celebration on 1st October 2019 at Parukh Dharamshala
Club members with the residents of Parukh Dharamshalla
The club members entertaining the
young at heart.
Birthday celebrations for the residents of the Parukh Dharamshalla.
Club members celebrating the Senior Citizen's Day by entertaining the residents.
Members singing the evergreen old film songs.
Residents having a gala time on Senior Citizen's Day.
Birthday cake for the residents born in the month of October.
Thank you for remembering us on
Senior Citizens Day.
OCV/2nd ECM/3rdGBM on 30th sept 2019 at Chandrakala and Malini Agarwalla’s Residence
President Jayati Dasgupta conducting Executive Committee meeting at the OCV.
PAP Raksha Mehta and PDC Falguni Mehta with District Secretary Sunita Jain.
Team 2019-20 with DC Dr.Devangi Vakharia and District Secretary Sunita Jain at the OCV.
DC Dr. Devangini Vakharia viewing our club files.
Jam packed GBM.
Our Club’s contribution for various District project received by DC Dr.Devangi Vakharia .
Vandana Daga 2nd Prize winner of In-taal District 314 solo singing inter club competition receiving a token of appreciation from DC Dr.Devangi Vakharia and President Jayati Dasgupta .
PP Pallavi Nerker and ISO Zarin Havewala winners of Inter club photo competition organised by Bombay Midwest receiving a token of appreciation from DC Dr.Devangi Vakharia and President Jayati Dasgupta .
Executive committee members with DC Dr.Devangi Vakharia and District Secretary Sunita Jain.
Speech by DC Dr.Devangi Vakharia .
Vote of thanks by VP Swati Bhansali.
Induction of new member Arin Master.
IN-TAAL Inter Club solo singing competition of District 314 final round on 28th sept 2019 organised by IWC of Bombay Airport
President Jayati Dasgupta and ISO Zarin Havewala with participant of IN-TAAL PP Vandana Daga.
PP Vandana Daga performing on stage.
PP Vandana Daga receiving 2nd prize.
PP Vandana Daga of IWC of Bombay with District Executive Committee members and winners of other clubs.
IN-TAAL Inter club solo singing competition of District 314 on 19th September 2019 organised by IWC of Bombay Airport
President Jayati Dasgupta with Participants for In Taal, ISO Zarin Havewala and PP Vandana Daga.
Nightangles of District 314 who cleared Elimination round. PP Vandana Daga, from Inner Wheel Club of Bombay was one of the super 25 finalists!
Vedic maths workshop conducted at Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar school ,Worli on 18th September 2019
Members at the workshop
100 students,5 teachers and 12 Inner Wheel members at the workshop
Children enjoying simple tricks to solve complicated maths problem
Happy faces after learning new concept and easy way to solve difficult problems.
(L-R)President Jayati Dasgupta,Vedic Maths teacher Sheetal Mehta,Headmistress of Ambedkar School Mrs Shrivastava,BMC Suprintendent and Deputy EO Mrs Sanjeevani Kapse, BMC Beat officer Mrs VidyaYadav, Hemal Dedhia,(Vedic maths teacher), PP Shweta Vakil and CC Ankita Bagri
Distribution of notebooks and pens by our club members
1st and 2nd GBM on 21st August 2019 at PP Vandana Daga’s Residence
Office Bearers at the General Body Meeting
Induction of new member Zainab Lokhandwala by President Jayati Dasgupta.
Induction of new member Kauser Murad by President Jayati Dasgupta
A packed Agenda and a packed has - Members attended in large numbers.
President Jayati & her team begins proceedings, as hostess Vandana, PDC Indira Kotak & PP Chandrakala Agarwalla look on
Our star Winners of Antakshari District 314 Competition: Shivangi Seth and Zarin Havewala being felicitated by PDCs Lata Palekar, Kanta Anand & President Jayati Dasgupta
Talk by Shalini Jatia head of ImpaCCT Foundation, Tata Memorial hospital , department of paediatric oncology.
Independence Day celebration at our vocational classes, BDD chawl, Worli on 14th August 2019
PP Sweta Vakil,IPP Pallavi Nerker,PDC Lata Palekar,President Jayati Dasgupta and Armaity at the event.
President Jayati Dasgupta addressing the ladies of vocational classes.
Club members and teachers at the event
Distribution of snacks boxes
Students of vocational classes speaking on Independence Day.
PDAF art competition on 13th August at Colaba Municipal School
Inner Wheel members,Judge Anjani Khanna and students at the art competition.
Colaba municipal school children giving their best at the art competition.
A small token given by President Jayati Dasgupta to Principal of Colaba Muncipal school.
Painting by Students.
Best three painters with their artwork.
Dental and Eye checkup at SEC school, Agripada on 23rd July 2019
Dr R.C.Patel examining eyes of SEC students
Dr.Jain addressing students of SEC school about oral hygiene
Club members with Dr.jain
Lunch served to students
Eye checkup
Mira Mehta Award and Installation of President Jayati Dasgupta and her team at CCI Club on 17th July 2019
Club Charter day being celebrated
President Jayati Dasgupta with DC Devangi Vakharia and ESO PDC Jyoti Doshi
Installation of President Jayati Dasgupta by IPP Pallavi Nerker
District Dignitaries and DEC members
District Secretary Sunita Jain and District Editor Prerana Raichud with PDC Falguni and President Jayati
Club Members with PDC Falguni Mehta and PP Sweta Vakil
Mira Mehta awardee AARTI NAIK from “Sakhi for girls Foundation”
Donation of Ortho leather shoes to Anas Mulla of SEC school
President Jayati Dasgupta with Rotary President Preeti Mehta, Secretary Vatsala Jatia, PP Rashna Cooper and Malti Jain
Rotary members Subhash Gogia, Pranay Vakil along with Sandeep Dasgupta
Executive Committee -(2019-20)
Sec. Vatsala, PP Komal, PP Sweta, PP Arti , President Rotary Club of Bombay, Rtn. Preeti Mehta, Malti, District Vice Chairman Amala Mehta, ESO PDC Jyoti Doshi, PDC Amita Timbadia and PDC Lata Palekar
Distribution of NADE umbrellas to postmen and staff at Parel Postoffice - 10th July 2019
President Jayati Dasgupta with postmen of the Parel Post Office
Club Members with the postwomen of Parel Post Office  
Distribution of umbrellas to postmen of the Parel Post Office
Club Members distributing umbrellas to teachers of Vocational Classes
President Jayati Dasgupta and PP Geeta Gogia at National Association of Disabled Enterprises (NADE), Mumbai
"Hibiscus" District Assembly 2019-20 at Nehru Centre, Worli - 26th June 2019
District Assembly Invite
Extn. Service Organiser PDC Jyoti Doshi with PIIWP Dr. Pallavi Shah and DC Devangi Vakharia
President Jayati Dasgupta and DC Devangi Vakharia
PDC Indira Kotak along with District dignitaries
PAP Raksha Mehta, PIIWP Dr. Pallavi Shah, and AVP & DY. N. R Vasudhaa Chandrachud
PAP Pushpa Suryamurty, PAP Raksha Mehta with other Dignitaries
ZONE 1 Presidents at District Assembly
IWC Bombay members at District Assembly
Registration Team with DC Devangi Vakharia
'Matcha" Club Officers Training Institute at Rhythm Resort Lonavala - 11-12th April 2019
COTI Invite
Extension Service Organiser PDC Jyoti Doshi with DC Devangi Vakharia
IWC Bombay Team 2019-20 with DC Devangi at COTI
District Executive Committee 2019-20 unveiling the IIW Theme
Vatsala and Rotarian Ashok Jatia presented their road trip from Imphal to London at COTI
Presentation of Road Trip by Rotarian Ashok Jatia
"Jasmine" First Informal Zone 1 - Presidents Meet with DC Devangi Vakharia at Thakkers, Chowpatty - 11th March 2019
Jasmine – The First Presidents’ Meet Invite
Incoming Presidents of Zone1 with DC Devangi Vakharia
Club President Jayati Dasgupta at the Event
Executive Service Organiser PDC Jyoti Doshi with District Executive Committee
Executive Service Organiser PDC Jyoti Doshi with DC Devangi Vakharia
10GBM AND AGM on 19 June 2019 at Hotel Marine Plaza
Inauguration of the newly renovated Leprosy Ward and Water Project at Chappeali Village Panvel - 2nd May, 2019.
A table styling workshop at NICOBAR. - 25th April 2019

A highend lifestyle store with savouries & tea

Certificate and prize distribution event for students who appeared for RILM Exam - 28th March, 2019

RILM certificate and prize distribution event was organised by our club for students who appeared for RILM EXAM.

RILM Hindi exam conducted at Ambedkar school, Worli. 17 students appeared for exam on 14th March, 2019.
9th GBM was held on 19th of March, 2019 With Holi Celebrations
GBM with held in Baroda. Fellowship meeting with IWC of Baroda Club and Flag exchange.


SEC swimming gala, 12th February, 2019

SEC swimming gala. 12th February, 2019 at YMCA swimming pool.

Haldi Kumkum Ceremony at Dr. Babasaheb, Worli, BDD Chawl, 2nd February, 2019

Competition and Talent show for hair & makeup, mehndi, sewing and entertainment programme by the students of the Vocational and Adult Literacy class.

Medical Project : Club Foot Clinic at Wadia Hospital on 31st January, 2019
Republic Day celebrated with 7th GBM was on 16th January, 2019 at Flamboyante Restaurant.
Senior Citizen Project at Parukh Dharamshala on 7th January, 2019

Celebrated the day with members. Competition : King and Queen Of Parukh Dharamshala.

District Urban Medical Project at Tata Memorial Hospital on 2nd January, 2019 at 3pm

Our Districts Urban medical project on 2nd January, 2019 at 3pm. At Tata Memorial Hospital with PDC Raksha Mehta, Indira Kotak and Association President Smita Pingle.

SEC Christmas party, 20th December, 2018 at Agripada municipal building
Dedicating this event to the memory of our late member Mrs Zarine Chothia
With Zarine Aunty’s daughter Gullu (Extreme right)

Magic show and games organised for children
6th GBM with Xmas celebrations
Felicitating our stalwart member… PAP Raksha Mehta
Members busy solving quiz…
Sports Day at Bombay Institution for Deaf and Mutes - 14th December, 2018
President Pallavi message to the children being translated into sign language by their teacher.
Inner wheel playing games : lifting the coins with toothpicks
Winner Sec Jayati
Senior Citizens project on 30th November, 2018

Senior Citizens project on 30th November, 2018. Second time our club sponsored 140 senior citizens from Dignity Foundation for a musical night and organizing the snack boxes.

Medical Project on 30th November, 2018 at Asian Institute Of Cancer

Medical Project : 30th November, 2018 at Asian Cancer Foundation, Sion (E) with children undergoing the treatment.

Christmas celebration with Christmas tree, Magic show, puppet show and lot of dancing food and fun with the kids.

SEC picnic, Rotary Garden for Differently Able (Wadala West) - 28th November, 2018

The most cherished project of our late member Zarine Chothia.

District Chairman Vidhya Subramanian Official Club Visit on 14th November, 2018
Saraswati Pooja on 27th October, 2018 at BBD Chawl, Worli
Celebrating the auspicious Saraswati Pooja with the ladies of Vocational class
President Pallavi with PDC Lata Palekar

Literacy certificate were distributed to the 3 students who cleared the NIOS exams
Sarees and packed food boxes with delicious Diwali sweets were given to all the ladies
President Pallavi with P.P Kanta A, P.P Rashna C., Anita B, Jayati
4th GM and celebrating Navratri at Bhau Daji Lad museum - 11th October, 2018

4th GM Was held on 11th October at Bhau Daji Lad museum. Members dressed up for festival occasion to celebrate Navratri too.

President Pallavi with PDC Jyoti Doshi
Presenting glimpses of the activities at our vocational class
Bridal makeup and hair classes
Jam packed English classes
Micro - credit beneficiary
KEM neo natal consignment
New registrations for next year
Senior citizens day celebrated with a live musical concert on 4th October at Nehru Auditorium, Worli

The senior citizens day was celebrated with members of Dignity Foundation on 4th October at Nehru Auditorium, Worli. A melodious live concert "Yadava Ki Geetmala" of old Raj Kapoor songs took 100 citizens of Dignity Foundation down the memory lane.

District Rural Project on 4th September, 2018 at Wakdi
Association President Smita Pingale at Ashramshala
Welcoming DC. Vidhya Subramanian
Help a child ....with our club members
Performance by the Ashramshala children
Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Awareness & Self Defence Workshop at SNDT College, Matunga - 30th August, 2018
Lighting of welcome lamp by our PDC Lata Palekar

The dignitaries and members of Inner Wheel Clubs with DC Vidya Subramanian
President Pallavi & ISO Najma Murad with SZC Jagruti
Inauguration of machine for blood bank at Sion Hospital on 18th August, 2018
Inauguration of a machine for the blood bank at Sion hospital’s blood bank department. Donated by PDC Indiraben Kotak.
PDC Indiraben ,PDC Jyoti, President Pallavi, PP Rashna and PP Geeta at Sion hospital blood bank.

Inauguration by President Pallavi Nerker and PDC Indiraben Kotak.
15th August Theme for the 1st & 2nd GBM - 8th August, 2018
Inauguration of Neonatal Department at K.E.M. Hospital with Dr. Nanavati in July, 2018
Neonatal Department at KEM hospital with Dr. Nanavati
Inauguration of Ophthalmoscope in the Pediatric department of K.E.M. Hospital - 26th July, 2018
Inauguration of Ophthalmoscope By President Pallavi Nerker in Paediatric Ophthalmology Department of KEM hospital
KEM Hospital Dean Dr. Supe, Head of Peadiatric Ophthalmology Dr. Kerker with President Pallavi Nerker
IWC Of Bombay participants for "CARNAMA" interdistrict car rally on 13/7/2018 presented with district certificates
Ongoing project at Neonatal department in KEM Hospital with Dr. Nanavati in July, 2018
Neonatal Department at KEM hospital with Dr. Nanavati
President’s Installation & Mira Mehta Award Function - 10th July, 2018

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay ushered in its 56th year with the installation of President Pallavi Nerker on July 10, 2018. The distinguished Mira Mehta Award was also presented on the occasion.

Chief Guest - District Chairman - Vidhya Subramanian, and Guest of Honour - President Rotary Club of Bombay - Vijay Jatia, congratulated the IWC members on their extensive and effective portfolio of projects.

President Pallavi spoke about her plans for the forthcoming year, to focus on rural and urban progress, through medical, health and educational amenities. She believes that sustainability is the most important aspect in undertaking the Club’s projects.

Rtn. President Vijay Jatia presented a generous donation cheque of Rs. 2 lakhs to the Club. He believed that since both the Clubs lean towards similar goals and objects, he would be happy to execute some projects together, since working in synergy would enable us to widen our service frontiers.

A set of calipers and a pair of modified shoes, sponsored by President Pallavi were handed over to the students of S.E.C. school on the occasion.

The Mira Mehta Award, instituted in memory of PDC Mira Mehta by Rotarian Ramesh Mehta and family, was presented to Mukta Nalawade for her selfless work with hearing and speech impaired children.

Awards Galore at Club’s AGM

The Club year 2017-18 came to a satisfying conclusion at the 10th GBM and AGM on June 20.

President Sandra Merchant presented a review of the year and thanked members for their generous contributions towards the year’s projects.

The Club Award 2017-18 was presented to Komal Israni for her commitment and for upholding our values. District Awards were distributed to PAP Raksha Mehta, IPDC Falguni Mehta and to the office-bearers. Zarin Havewala was also feted for winning First Prize in the District essay competition.

Three learners from the Adult Literacy Class passed the NIOS exam and along with their teacher Darshana were felicitated by CLCC Alka and our dedicated volunteers.

CLCC Alka Roy receives her District award
Club members at the GBM and AGM
Falguni Mehta was felicitated by DC Dr. Madhavi Pandya
CC Jayati Dasgupta receives a certificate of excellence
Treasurer Niloufer receives a certificate of excellence
Rakshaben Mehta is appreciated by the District
Swati Bhansali, Secretary receives a certificate of excellence
Three students and their teacher of the club’s Adult Literacy class were felicitated
Zarin Havewala received the first prize in District essay competition
Kondap Water project - 16th April, 2018

IWC Bombay continued its rural out-reach programmes in April with a very pressing need today in all villages – providing drinking water. Kondap is a tribal hamlet near Panvel, where the women had to walk several kilometres every day for their daily supply of water causing them tremendous hardship. IWC Bombay sponsored the drinking water project in this village, along with distribution of sarees and water jars to the women. Our Club’s stalwarts Rakshaben and Falguni Mehta, under the auspices of Balwantrai Mehta Panchayatraj Jagruti Kendra, Shantivan, implemented the project.

The newly constructed water tank
Jubilant members with grateful beneficiaries
PP Rashna Cooper inaugurating one of the taps
PP Sweta, Pallavi and Jayati with the village ladies
School children performing for the club members
President Sandra delivers a speech from the heart
Distribution of sarees
Distribution of water jars
Members Bond in Lonavala - 14th March, 2018

President Sandra had made sure that our 9th GBM was very special. Members boarded a luxury bus to take them to the SEC school at Naigaon and then to Rhythm Lonavala resort. IWC of Bombay is a strong supporter of the residential SEC School at Naigaon, which members visited on 14th March.

A warm welcome at SEC Naigaon to our members
A class in progress
Members enjoying a musical performance by the children
Art works by the children
Our members tour the school
Dress me up… the winning team!
Engrossed in games of skill
The prize-winning team
We all had a great time!
The early morning trekkers
We made it to the top!
Enjoying the ambience at Rhythm Lonavala
Haldi Kumkum - 27th February, 2018

Haldi Kumkum was celebrated on the 27th of February at the vocational training classes in Ambedkar School, Worli. The ladies were all dressed up for the occasion and the two best dressed ladies won prizes. All the teachers were also felicitated.

Club members at the Vocational Classes Haldi Kumkum
Shyamaji distributing the gifts to the ladies
PDC Lata Palekar distributing gifts
Students came dressed in their finest
Swimming Gala - 20th February, 2018

The swimming gala for the SEC school children was held on 20th of February at the YMCA swimming pool. This event was also sponsored by IWC of Bombay. The children were also served healthy snacks and hot lunch after the event.

Club members lend support at the SEC swimming gala.
Swimming in a formation.
Roda and Zarine present prizes to the winners.
The children enjoyed cheering the participants.
BIDM Sports Day - 2nd February, 2018

The Bombay Institute of Deaf and Mute celebrated their Sports Day on the 2nd of February. This event was sponsored by IWC of Bombay. It was a treat to see his children march to the beats of the drum although they could not hear it. All the games during this event were designed keeping these special children in mind.

Secretary Swati handing over the prizes at BIDM Sports Day.
BIDM students participate in specially designed events.

Club members cheered on the participants.
A Kaleidoscope of Events

It has been an eventful season for IWC Bombay. The highlight was the felicitation of our senior-most member PDC Silla Ardeshir at the District Conference. At 96 years, she was able to enthrall the audience with her warm and stirring address and was given a standing ovation. At the District Urban Medical Project and the District Rural Projects, our Club was also recognised for its major contributions.

PDC Silla Ardeshir was felicitated at the District Conference by Association President and District Chairman for being the longest serving member in India.
PDC Silla was given a standing ovation for her warm and stirring address.

PDC Jyoti Doshi is a major contributor to the District Urban Medical Project. She is seen at the inauguration with President Sandra Merchant.
Six toilet blocks were donated at Housachi village, Panvel. Association President is seen with PDC Raksha Mehta, our donors Neela, Sadhana and Soni and IPP Sweta, President Sandra and Secretary Swati.
Our Club has sponsored 111 students, 5 Midday meals and cow fodder for 62 days at Ashramshala. PAP Raksha Mehta and IPDC Falguni Mehta are seen along with Association President, District Chairman and Club office bearers.
Our Club helped bring Christmas cheer to the students at the School for the Crippled.

Swaddled with care. We supply kangaroo bags and mattress and bolster covers for the babies at KEM’s neo-natal ward.
Crowning the ‘King & Queen’ at Parekh Dharmshala for senior residents.
Xmas Spirit at our 6th GBM!

Our last GBM of 2017 reflected the spirit of the season – our host Alka Roy decked up her home with Christmas decorations, Members wore Xmas colours, & Santa caps, and we even had an amazing Ikebana demonstration of arrangements specially for Christmas! The food was the ultimate cherry on the cake! And a spectacular turnout of our members! As we welcomed 3 new members to our fraternity! Well done all!

Members came in large numbers and dressed in Santa reds!
Our ever sporting Malti Jain with her reindeer antlers – but no red or shiny nose for her! As other members are in wrapt attention to the Ikebana session.
A beautiful, simple red & green flower arrangement by special invitee Mrs Naliniben Dongersey & her assistant inspired by the Ohara School of Ikebana.
And another flat table arrangement – quick & effective

Our 3 new members with President Sandra – all ready to get into our association’s activities!
SEC Picnic, 5th GBM and Club’s OCV

Our Club Sponsors SEC Picnic -

The SEC picnic was held on November 11. We were delighted that our District Chairman Dr Madhavi Pandya was Guest of Honour. Around 300 special children from the four SEC schools enjoyed special games, prizes and lunch.

Our Club members, SEC and Rotary members with the District Chairman
The District Chairman inspired the children

Club’s OCV cum 5th GBM -

District Chairman Madhavi Pandya was an honoured guest at the OCV and our Club’s 5th GBM.

DC interacting with Executive Committee members

Shyama Poddar (right) our gracious hostess with senior members
DC addressing our members
DC poses with our Club’s stalwarts
Diwali Celebration

Diwali celebrations were ushered in at a well-attended party following our 4th GBM followed by Members Talent. Festively attired members complemented the CCI hall, which was beautifully decorated by Vatsala, Ankita, Alka, Jayati and Shivani in true Diwali spirit with colourful rangoli, streamers and dupattas. Fun and games were organised by Zarin, Arti, Alka and Najma with plenty of prizes.

The highlight of the evening was a felicitation of the Club’s seniors for many decades of service and their continuing advice. Everyone quickly joined the special garba performed for them.

After a delicious high tea and an evening of camaraderie, every member left with a lucky dip gift as a memento of a wonderful get-together.

The Diwali rangoli
PP Rupali Sen at the registration desk
PDC Falguni and other members
PDC Indira Kotak and PP Anita Parikh
Members enjoying the musical housie
Thinking hard! Quiz in progress!
There! I have won a prize!
Zarin Havewala conducting the games
President Sandra Merchant with her team
Our senior members who were felicitated
Dancing the garba with gusto!
Festive Puja at IWC’s Vocational Classes

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay held a festive Saraswati Puja at its Vocational Classes at the Ambedkar Municipal School, Worli. Rotary’s First Lady Devi Narayan graced the function. President Sandra, IPP Sweta and PP Lata addressed the students, encouraging them to expand their horizons by learning new skills.

The event also featured singing, dancing and speeches by students which were greatly enjoyed by the large gathering.

IWC Bombay has conducted the Vocational Classes for several years, attended by women from the adjacent BDD chawl. The programme includes beautician courses, tailoring, mehendi, English and Hindi language, etc. The Club also runs Adult Literacy classes in the school.

First Lady Devi Narayan lights the lamp. She is flanked by IWC Bombay President Sandra Merchant, IPP Sweta Vakil and PP Lata Palekar
Goddess Saraswati, Goddess of knowledge

A dance performance by the students
PP Lata Palekar and Saroj Shah enjoy the students entertainment
The audience enjoyed the performance
IWC members join the dancers
Rotaryanne Jaya Prasad, Shilpa Mehta and Sandra Merchant with students
Inner Wheel members and teachers of the Vocational Classes
Senior Citizen day celebration at Parukh Dharamshala

The members of our club celebrated senior citizen’s Day at Parukh Dharamshala on the 29th of September. The residents wait for this day every year when they are entertained by the children of SEC school. Gifts were distributed to each member and the entire programme was planned under the able guidance of our very senior member, Zarine Chothia.

Dr. Anurag Shrimal from Wokhardt Hospital addressing the members on organ donation during the 3rd GBM.
President Sandra Merchant , introducing our guest speaker Dr. Anurag Shrimal from Wokhardt Hospital.
Past President Gauri Jatia was the gracious host for the 3rd GBM
Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Drawing Competition

Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation drawing competition at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar School, Worli on 19th August.

2nd GBM and Microbrewery Visit

Our 2nd GBM was held at “The White Owl” on the 16th of Aug. After the meeting the members were taken on a tour of the micro brewery inside the restaurant. There are about 8 different type of beer which is brewed here from ingredients like rice, wheat, corn and hobs. It was a very interesting tour and our members could sample some beer as well which was highly appreciated.

First GBM of the Club on July 12, 2017 - New Team Installed

At the First GBM of the Club on July 12, 2017, outgoing President Sweta Vakil installed the incoming President Sandra Merchant. She, in turn, inducted her new team for 2017-18. The event, held at Willingdon Sports Club, saw a large turnout. Two new members were welcomed to the Club.

IPP Sweta Vakil handing over the Charter and the Inner Wheel Prayer to President Sandra Merchant
The new office bearers
Sandra donates towards crutches and callipers for a disabled child from SEC school
PDC Falguni Mehta delivering her thank you address to the club members
Induction of new members
A surprise item performed by the Office bearers!
Senior members cut the Club’s 55th birthday cake
President Sandra and Secretary Swati with PAP Rakshaben Mehta, PDC Falguni Mehta and PP Komal Israni
A Fitting Finale to the Year & the Mira Mehta Award – 14th June, 2017

DC Falguni hosted a most gracious finale to 2016-17 for Inner Wheel Club of Bombay, at the idyllic setting by the sea of the Breach Candy Club on 14th June, 2017.

President Sweta Vakil delivering her Review address
DC Falguni all smiles after a job well done, with other PDCs and PP Chandrakala
Awardee Pragya Singh – picture of strength & courage!
Mira Mehta Family, Awardee Pragya Singh, Awards Committee members & others
Incoming President Sandra with Devina – all smiles!
District Vice Chairman Vidhya with Past President Rashna, & Treasurer Niloufer engaged in conversation
VP Geeta, Najma & PP Roopali – a pretty colourful picture!
Secretary Pallavi with Vatsala – bonding over food!
Inauguration of Water Project at Houshachi Wadi, Shantivan Panvel – 18th May, 2017
Houshachi Wadi, a Village of 45 families with a Municipal road but no drinking water facilities!
Soni Israni Inaugurates Drinking Water Project supported by Inner Wheel Club of Bombay
Shivangi too joins Soni in inaugurating the water facility
PDC Rakshaben Mehta, Chief Guest DC Falguni Mehta, President Sweta Vakil and members of our Club stand with happy village women with their ‘ghadas’, in front of the water tank
9th GBM at Art Hub, Atria Mall, 15th March, 2017

Carol Veigas(left pic) of BIDM &Sister Therizin (rightpic ) of Canossa Special School receiving Donation Cheques, seen here with DC Falguni Mehta, President Sweta Vakil & Club Secretary Pallavi Nerkar.

PAP Raksha Mehta receiving Donation Cheque towards Housachi wadi Water Project with Club dignitaries.

Well known Artist Manjiri Verde(left)& Mrs Wandrekar (right) gave members interesting insights into their works, which were on display in the beautiful and expansive Art Hub Art Gallery, together with the gallery’s own collections.

The Meeting ended with a vast, delicious spread of short eats catered by The Spare Kitchen & well wishers. The above group photo with major organisers - all smiles after a superb evening!

February 28, 2017: Swimming Gala for SEC & CSED School Children

Zarine Chothia, President Sweta Vakil & members of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay came to encourage and witness a spirited swimming competition by differently abled children, including an artistic Water Formation demo at the YMCA Swimming Pool in Agripada. Seen in the first picture above is one of the winners with Zarine. In the picture below are other happy competitors & winners with our members.

Deaf & Mutes Sports Day on 27th January 2017

Our Club once again was proud to sponsor the Annual Sports Day at the Bombay Institution for Deaf & Mutes in Mazgaon. The beautiful School of 160 children, with its supportive and enthusiastic teachers came alive with students participating in several individual and team sports. At the end, attractive prizes were won, and the children and staff were treated to some delicious snacks. It was indeed heartening to see how our Club’s contribution brought such happiness and bonhomie amongst these students.

January 17, 2017: Kangaroo bags & Nesting for Neo Natals

Students of the Ambedkar School, Worli’s Vocational Classes stitched together these kangaroo bags and nesting for KEM Hospital’s New Natal ward. Material was supplied by one of our Members, and the Vocational Guidance ladies are seen here helping pack the material for dispatch.

Inner Wheel District 314 held its Annual Conference ‘Felicity’, hosted by our Club on 11th January, 2017 at the St Regis Hotel
A packed hall stands up for the National Anthem. In the front row are all dignitaries & special invitees
The Theme of the Conference serves as an apt backdrop to the stage. Seated on the dais are all District office bearers, dignitaries, special invitees
DC Falguni making a comprehensive presentation on the half yearly report of Dist. 314
Host Club President Sweta Vakil with her Welcome Address
Inner Wheel Club of Bombay at the Inauguration of Rural Projects at Shantivan, 10th January 2017

District Chairman Falguni, President Sweta and Members of the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay seen above at the Inauguration of 3 important rural projects : The ‘Best Out of Waste’ Vocational Training Workshop under the Literacy Project, as well as Environment Projects of Solar Water Heater, and Ayurveda Organic Plantation. Our Club was happy to have donated handsomely towards these projects.

Senior Citizens at Parukh Dharamshala were treated to an afternoon of entertainment - 9th January, 2017

Senior Citizens at Parukh Dharamshala were treated to an afternoon of entertainment, with themselves as the Star performers, on 9th January, 2017. They sang, they danced, and eventually one pair was crowned King & Queen! Happiness & sporting spirit were on display by everyone!

23rd December 2016 at SEC School

23rd December 2016 at SEC School, Agripada. President Sweta Vakil with Zarin Chothia & volunteers join in to make it a day to remember. Our very own ‘Santa Claus’ Malti Jain charmed and danced with the kids. As children posed for a picture, and sat down engrossed in a Magic Show & Juggler!

Green Life Event, 9th Dec'16

IWC of Bombay arranged an interesting joint presentation with IWC of Bombay North on ‘A Greener Life’ at the Aditya Birla Centre, Chowpatty on December 9th, 2016, followed by Tea. Seen in the back row is the Presenter Mr Rumi Engineer from Indian Green Building Council, with members of both clubs.

Saree Distribution at Ambedkar School, Worli Centre, 8th December, 2016

Ladies of the Vocational Class being conducted by Inner Wheel Club of Bombay were in for a pleasant gift of free sarees on 8th December. Members of Rotary Club of Queen’s Necklace came together with our Club for this project, co-ordinated by Devina Shah. In the pic we see all those members who came together for the distribution.

Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation (PDAF) - Balanand Competition

On 19th November, 2016, our Club got together 69 little ‘budding young artists’ of the Rotary Club’s Bhavishya Yaan Project at the Ambedkar Municipal School in Worli. These young children were participating in the PDAF competition, and these pictures are testimony to how seriously they took up this challenge!

Inauguration of the Mani Bhavan Library Preservation Project & the Adult Literacy Project - 16th November, ‘16, at Mani Bhavan

It was a packed 3 hour programme at the historic Mani Bhavan for the above. Attended by a large number of visiting Inner Wheel dignitaries from Nigeria, including the IIW President, District dignitaries, and a large group of our Club members. Highlights of the afternoon included a guided Tour of Mani Bhavan, followed by an Introduction to the Library Preservation Project by Dr Usha Thakkar- President, Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sanghralaya, as well as a brief presentation on the Literacy Project by CLCC Jayati Dasgupta. The programme concluded with Tea.

Donors who have generously contributed to this worthy cause, handing over the cheque to Dr Thakkar, with DC Falguni Mehta & President Sweta Vakil
In the sacred library – President Sweta Vakil, PAP Raksha Mehta, DC Falguni Mehta & President-Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sanghralaya, Dr Usha Thakkar
CLCC Jayati Dasgupta presenting the Adult Literacy Project – a truly praiseworthy effort with remarkable success!
Members of the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay with Nigerian Dignitaries – all smiles after a good job done!
Brightening Lives on White Cane Day!

Members of the Club celebrated with 250 blind members of Maharashtra Andha Audyogik Utpadak Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. on 22nd October, 2016 at Rishi Mehta Hall, Tardeo. PDC Lata Palekar contributed towards white folding canes, Sholapur Blankets & Diwali sweets for all.

Seen above is Club President Sweta Vakil handing over the gifts.
PP Geeta Goggia & Club Member Najma Murad joined in the White Cane Day celebrations.
4th General Body Meeting - A Special Occasion!

Art : 19th October, 2016 – GBM, Rashna’s donation of laptop of Rs 18,200.0, BOOK ART PRESENTATION BY BANOO BATLIBOI, Diwali festivities, dress, food at The Viewing Room, Colaba

PP Rashna Mody donates Rs 18,200.0 for a Laptop to Brothers Mahesh Gowda – TYB Com, & Sailesh Gowda – HSC Std. 12, presented by President Sweta Vakil
Banoo Batliboi – Sculptor par excellence gave an inspiring presentation on the intricacies of her work at the GBM. She is seen above with President Sweta Vakil and some of her incredible Book Art specimens..
IWC Bombay Networks with Reykjavik Club

In true Inner Wheel spirit, 8 members of IWC Bombay including PDC Jyoti Doshi and President Sweta Vakil exchanged greetings and flags with their counterparts in Reykjavik during the Rotary Club of Bombay’s visit to Iceland mid October.

Senior Citizens Day

Celebrated on 3rd October at Parukh Dharamshala with kids from CSRD School performing for them.

Seniors of our Club PDC Kanta Anand & Saroj Shah celebrated their birthdays at the Club Meeting on September 21, 2016 at the uniquely interesting hotel - Le Sutra in Bandra.
IWC of Bombay donated Rs 50,000.0 towards mattresses to a tribal school in Talasari also on September 21st, at the Hotel Le Sutra. Father Gonsalves on behalf of the Trust collects the cheque at the Club Meeting.
Brightening the lives of Cancer afflicted Children

A very special morning for 25 Cancer-afflicted children from underprivileged backgrounds was held at the Radio Club, on September 17th, 2016. Organised by the Cancer Patients Aid Association, supported by Rotary Club and co-sponsored by Inner Wheel Club of Bombay, the children thoroughly enjoyed a unique Clown Show, followed by a delicious spread of their favourite foods. The morning wound up with distribution of colouring material, and colouring books for all the children. Indeed a joyful, memorable time was had by the children, their accompanying parents, the organisers, and members of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay who came to lend their support to this touching event.

Clowns in an action-packed storytelling sequence

The children come together for a Group Photo with members of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay

Rapturous Evening by Ameya Dabli for Senior Citizens

16th September 2016 was an evening to remember for 122 Senior Citizens of Dignity Foundation. Renowned and accomplished singer Ameya Dabli & his troupe held them spellbound at Rang Sharda Auditorium, Bandra. Inner Wheel Club of Bombay was proud to have supported the evening, and many members came forth with their families and friends to lend support too. Ameya’s soulful voice sang favourite bhajans and film songs and quickly got the audience foot-tapping to his beat! Senior Citizens were also handed out dryfruit packets at the show – a fun evening was indeed had by one and all!

Ameya with a bevy of beautiful ladies from Inner Wheel Club of Bombays

Lady Senior Citizens with members of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay taking a break

District Chairman Falguni Mehta at the Club’s annual OCV

Seen above is Inner Wheel District Chairman Falguni Mehta with the President and other Members of the Executive Committee during her official visit to the Club. The meeting was held on 24 th August at Victoria Memorial School for the Blind, Tardeo.

August 3 was an ‘eventful’ day!

A Slide Presentation and Talk by Dr Abha Nagral - Children’s Liver Foundation, on Hepatitis C in Thalassemia Children. This Foundation has been doing sterling work to support underprivileged children with liver disease. Seen here (second from left) is Dr Abha Nagral, with the Club President - Sweta Vakil & Guests.

On the same day, Educational scholarships were given to 3 students -Dhanashree Gawde, Pooja Goriya, & Sagar Palyekar towards their College Fees. Seen here from left to right, is Pooja Goriya, one of the students, receiving the Award, Sagar Palekar - another student, together with a parent on behalf of Dhanashree Gawde.

Following an Appeal for Assam Flood Relief – (Zone 1 project), the Club donated several boxes of clothes, blankets, kitchen utensils, and other useful items for helping the flood-affected. Here are just a few of the packages being despatched by our members.

A Boon for Young Girls: Distribution of one year's supply of sanitary napkins to 61 girls of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Municipal School on 15th July, 2016, through member Seema Goyal.
Inner Wheel Club Ushers in 54th Year of Service

Rotaryann Sweta Vakil was installed as President of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay 2016-17 on July 11.

The event, held at Thackers, Chowpatty, was indeed an occasion to remember, as the new team moved in to take up its responsibilities. The function was graced by Chief Guest Falguni Mehta (District Chairman, 2016-17), Guest of Honour Dr. Mukesh Batra (President, Rotary Club of Bombay) and a galaxy of Past District Chairmen, dignitaries, Rotarians and guests.

The afternoon started with the Inner Wheel prayer and a welcome address by IPP Rashna Cooper. She reviewed the year gone by which witnessed a large number of projects in the thrust areas such as Rural Development, Women’s Empowerment, Micro-finance and vocational guidance.

Following her installation, incoming President Sweta shared her views and work plan for the year. The Mira Mehta Award, instituted in memory of PDC Mira Mehta by Rotarian Ramesh Mehta and family, was presented to Sister Gracy Rodrigues who runs Dev Kripa Mandal – a social welfare centre of Canossian Sisters that provides social assistance, employment for women and educational support for deserving children.

Also presented was a cheque for Rs 17 lakhs to Dr. Mondkar, Head, Neonatal Dept., Sion Hospital, through the club, as donation for a Sonosite Colour Doppler machine. This was funded by PDC Jyoti Doshi.

Rotary President Dr. Batra expressed his desire to join hands with the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay for meaningful community service projects.

The highlight of the afternoon was the felicitation and address of Dist. Chairman Falguni Mehta, a longtime member of the Bombay club. She outlined her vision and encouraged the members to achieve greater heights. She also recalled and applauded the role played by the many past PDCs from the Bombay club.

The gathering was then treated to a superlative music performance by Sufi exponent Ameya Dabli. During the melodious recital, PAP Rakshaben Mehta was felicitated on her 80th birthday to the strains of Gandhiji's "Vaishnav jan toh tene re kahiye".

The enjoyable evening concluded with fellowship among members and guests.

District fellowship Zone 1 event Odisha
Zone 1 quiz winners
Swimming Gala 2016 for physically handicapped children
S.E.C. Children's Picnic at Wadala
Rotary Anne Zarine Chothia arranged a fun afternoon of tea, dancing and competitions for the residents of Parukh Dharamshala in her impeccable style.
Haldi kumkum at BDD Vocational Centre
Navratri festival at B.D.D. VOCATIONAL CENTRE OCTOBER 2015
Micro President Rashna lighting the Diya
Students of Vocational Training Centre
PDC,PP Lata Palekar, President Rashna and Sarojben
Members enjoying the Garba
Zone IV event 2015
Inner Wheel Club of Bombay President Rashna Cooper, Sec.Geeta Goggia, DVC Phalguni Mehta and CC Pallavi Nerker
Senior Citizen's Day was celebrated at Parukh Dharamshala, Old Age Home where IWC Bombay graced the occasion.
President Rashna Cooper while not in town made sure her club represent in good numbers.
Seniors were encouraged to participate to dance and sing along
Physically Handicapped children from 3 branches of SEC School entertained the Seniors with their performance
Enthralled Audience
IWC Bombay donated 250 books for the library at Vile Parle. Association President & NR Mamta Agarwal Inaugurated. Member Jayati Das represented our Club
Project at Balwadi was attended by IWC Bombay President Rashna Cooper. Donation of 2 lacs was arranged by IWC Bombay for daily meals for the students and the teacher’s salary. Other items given were Water purifier, thalis , cupboard by the members.
Teachers Day at BDD Vocational Center IWC Bombay President Rashna Cooper and Secretary Geeta Gogia rewarding the teachers and celebrating with students.
Inauguration of E.E.G. Machine
Inauguration of E.E.G. Machine
Paediatric Cancer Care at Tata Memorial Hospital
Paediatric Cancer Care at Tata Memorial Hospital
Inner Wheel Continues Strong Support to District Rural Project
Inner Wheel Continues Strong Support to District Rural Project
Inauguration of toilet block at Marine Lines Station July 2015 at the hands of Divisional Railway Manager
Inauguration of toilet block at Marine Lines Station July 2015 at the hands of Divisional Railway Manager
Inner wheel members at the inauguration.
Installation of Rashna Cooper as president at the 1st GBM
Installation of Rashna Cooper as president at the 1st GBM.
The incomimg team 2015-2016.
Inauguration of Ambulance to Dignity Township
Inauguration of Ambulance to Dignity Township
Swimming Gala with SEC students. Congratulations to the Glorious Winners. 2015
Parade at theSwimming Gala for the challenged organised by IWC Bombay
Eager participants waiting for the whistle at theSwimming Gala for the challenged organised by IWC Bombay
IWC Bombay President Rupali Sen and IWC-PP & RAnne Zarine Chothia awarding prizes at the Swimming Gala for the challenged
IWC-PP & RAnne Zarine Chothia with IWC-PP & RAnne Sweta Vakil congratulating the winners at the Swimming Gala for the challenged organised by IWC Bombay
In keeping with the Government's initiative on Swach Bharat

In keeping with the Government's initiative on Swach Bharat, the Club allotted funds to renovate a Ladies Toilet at Marin Lines station, adding facilities for handicapped ladies.

Picnic Organized By The Inner Wheel Club of Bombay for the Students of the SEC - 2015
Ladies of the Inner Wheel CLub of Bombay enjoy the smiles they brought about on the faces of the students of the Society for the Education of the Crippled after organising their picnic
Ladies of the Inner Wheel CLub of Bombay help the students of the Society for the Education of the Crippled at the picnic they organised
Healing and Wellness through Yoga -2015
Ladies of Zone 1 of Inner Wheel Club participating in a workshop on Healing and Wellness through Yoga organised by Inner Wheel Club of Bombay with support of Rotary Club of Bombay and Kaivalyadhama
Rotarian and Rotary Annes of the Rotary Club of Bombay and the Ladies of the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay organised a workshop on Healing and Wellness through Yoga at Kaivalyadhama.
IWC Bombay Sponsored a Hearing Aid Battery Bank 2015
IWC BOMBAY sponsored a hearing-aid Battery Bank for children Feb15
PDC JYOTI DOSHI and family sponsoring and inaugurating the Battery Bank at CSED in 2014

A hearing-aid Battery Bank with an assured supply for 3 years was inaugurated at the Central Society for the Education of the Deaf (CSED). This will ensure that the hearing-impaired children will receive an adequate number of batteries for their hearing-aids, for use even when at home and not only while in school, as it is essential for their aural and mental development that they be exposed to ambient sounds and conversations throughout the day so as to speed up their integration into mainstream schools later on.

Educational Trip For SEC Students to The Gateway Of India - 2014
Educational trip to Apollo Bunder organised by the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay for SEC School Children
Inner Wheel Club organisers at Apollo Bunder with the SEC students
Spreading Christmas Cheer To Residents Of Dignity Lifestyle 2014
DIG IWC Bombay spreading Christmas Cheer to the residents of Dignity Lifestyle
DIG IWC Bombay President Rupali Sen bringing cheer to the residents of Dignity Lifestyle -Dec 2014
Christmas Celebrations At SEC School 2014
Christmas Joy made possible by IWC Bombay for children of the SEC school
Christmas celebrated by the SEC school students with IWC Bombay ladies
Vriksha Ropon-2014
VR Decorating the Palanquin and arranging the gift saplings at the Vriksha Ropon
VR IWC DC Himadri Nanavati planting the sapling at Vriksha Ropon 18 Oct 2014
VR Key organisers of the Vriksha Ropon
VR Sapling in Pallanquin procession at Vriksha Ropon 18 Oct 2014
VR Key singer at the Vriksha Ropon
Fun Time For The Ladies Of The Club
FUN IWC Bombay-PP Sweta Vakil welcoming Padma Shri Sudha Motwane at the IWC GBM presided by IWC Bombay President Rupali Sen 16 Oct 2014
FUN Fun Time IWC Bombay members dancing to the melodious singing of Padma Shri Sudha Motwane at IWC GBM 16 Oct 2014
FUN Fun Time- Re-enactment of participation at the District event Mauj
Welfare of Stray Dogs Society
Interactive session of Abodh Aras, CEO WSD, and students of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Municipal School
Key Learning from the presentation by WSD
Ladies of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay with Abodh Aras and team from WSD and students of Bhavishya Yaan

The Inner Wheel Club of Bombay teamed up with the Welfare of Stray Dogs Society (WSD) and the Bhavishya Yaan of the Rotary Club of Bombay to address students. Abodh Aras, the CEO of WSD, himself made presentations to the students. The movie clip he displayed, followed by his explanations, made the sessions highly interactive. It was a joy to see the Bhavishya Yaan students responding with alacrity to the questions posed to them by Abodh and the eagerness with which they wanted to relate their personal experiences to him.

The focus, other than a brief on what WSD does, was on understanding the ‘language’ of stray dogs, the circumstances under which they react aggressively and most importantly, it spread awareness on rabies and the action to be taken when bitten.

Vocational Guidance Classes
IWC BOMBAY organised a Haldi Kumkum event for lady students of the Vocational Guidance classes
VC Laxmi Puja presided over by IW President for the ladies of the Vocational Guidance Centre
VC Learning Mehendi design at Vocational Guidance Centre
VC Using the sewing machine at the Vocational Guidance Centre

The Inner Wheel Club (IWC) of Bombay has been conducting vocational guidance classes for several years at the Babasaheb Ambedkar Municipal High School, Worli. Subjects range from tailoring, embroidery, hair-styling and beauty to artistic mehendi application and classes have been popular with the ladies of the locality.

The Nesting and Kangaroo Bags Project undertaken by IWC has provided impetus to the tailoring classes as the bags are being stitched by the tailoring students, who earn therefrom.

There are several success stories as the Microcredit Scheme extends loans to these ladies, enabling them to start small businesses which have grown very profitable, imbuing them with a sense of confidence and self-worth.

At a recent felicitation ceremony called Haldi Kumkum, organised by IWC several ladies related their success stories and guided the others on taking the first step forward which is often the most difficult.

Celebrating Senior Citizens Days With CSED Students In September 2014
CSED Differently abled students of CSED entertaining Sr. Citizens as organised by the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay
CSED IWC Bombay Bringing joy to Sr Citizens at the Parukh Dharamshala
CSED students at Sr Citizens Day celebrations
OCV August 2014
OCV DC Himadri Nanavati with Office Bearers of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay at OCV on 20.8.2014.
President’s Installation & Mira Mehta Award Function 2014
Inner Wheel prayer to start the meeting
View of audience
Past President Zarine Chothia and Vice President Roopal Thakkar presenting special boots to the differently-abled children of the Society for Education of the Crippled
Past District Chairman, Lata Palekar, introducing the Chief Guest, Past District Chairman, Jyoti Doshi
The Awards Committee giving the citation and cheque of the Mira Mehta award to the Rescue Foundation July 2014.
On the dais Chief Guest Past District President Jyoti Doshi, President Rupali Sen,Keynote Speaker Ms Kalpana Lajmi, Vice President Roopal Thakkar
Members celebrating 52 years of the Club
Members celebrating 52 years of the Club
President Rupali Sen with part of her team of Office Bearers and Executive Committee
Rotary President Nirav Shah lends his support at the installation of the CPAP machine to KEM Hospital
Swimming Gala with SEC students. Congratulations to the Glorious Winners. 2014
Our Latest Rural Project - 2014

IWC Bombay constructed a multi-purpose dining-cum-community hall as a part of the Leprosy Rehabilitation Project at Shantivan. This was part of the District 314 Coordinated Rural Project. It was inaugurated on March 7, 2014 by IIW President Gabriella Adami, in the presence of AP Pushpa Suryamurty and DC Mrudula Dand.

IWC Bombay had also contributed to the construction of sanitation blocks for girl students on the campus of KRNS, Shantivan, in keeping with the thrust area of AP Pushpa.

Cooking Class at JOSS
For Us an OCV is a Celebration
Mrinal Kher and Jyoti Doshi flanking the guests Ravi Chopra and Shobana Samarth
Our Member Shilpa Mehta Participating in the Fashion Show
Our Stalwarts Celebrating
Shaina NC at our Meeting
Visit to the Bandra Worli Sea Link organized by Jyoti Doshi

Zone 1 Clubs celebrated their fellowship based on theme Yellow

First Executive Meeting and 1st GBM

On 25th July we had the official visit of Inner Wheel District Chairman to our club, and also the year's first Executive meeting as well as our 1st GBM

IWC Bombay celebrates 50 years

Our club celebrated its 50th year of service on the 16th of March 2013 at the SRCC Auditorium, Haji Ali.

On this occasion we were privileged to have with us the Inner Wheel Association President Sarita Lunani, Association Vice President Pushpa Suryamurty, District Chairman Amita Timbadia and Rotary Governor Dr. Bal Inamdar. The event marked the release of the special edition of our newsletter ‘Innerview’ commemorating the club’s 50 years, at the hands of our senior-most member PAP Silla Ardeshir. Also present on this occasion were several Rotarians, donors who generously supported our Wangani Bhekare project and the Incoming Rotary President Nirav Shah. A cheque of Rs 14,88,000 was handed over to PAP Raksha Mehta who is also the Managing Trustee of Kushtarog Nivaran Samiti, for our landmark project of providing water, 56 toilet blocks and sewing machines for women empowerment and supporting the education of 17 children of Wangani Bhekare village, Panvel. A magic show by Kruti Parekh and a performance by Shahnawaz, a student of the SEC school, were the other highlights of the afternoon.

IIWP attends inauguration of rural sanitary project

On February 13, 2013 International Inner Wheel President Carole Young, President Sweta, CC Sadhana and others were present at Village Shiravali for the inaugaration of the toilet blocks.

Rural Visit Near Panvel

16th of January 2013 was a very special day for the members of the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay, when their 7th GBM was held in the transcendent settings of rural villages near Panvel. ‘To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service’ being one of the objects of the IW, a group of urban ladies set off early morning to experience the lifestyle of their counterparts in rural settings. The group also included Mr. Nowroze Vajifdar, President, Rotary Club of Bombay, Mr. Pranay Vakil, and Mrs. Silla Ardeshir, the founder Dist Chairman of Dist 314.

The eventful day began with Raksha Mehta and Falguni Mehta taking everyone around Balwantrai Mehta Local Self Government Training Centre. Since 1995, Inner Wheel Club of Bombay has focused on 40 villages near Panvel, to help them to become hunger free and self sufficient in areas of drinking water, health, education, sanitation and self employment.

15,000 families comprising a population of 40,000 are being continuously supported

Haldi kumkum celebrations with ladies of BDD chawl
Christmas celebrations by Inner Wheel Club of Bombay 2012

Christmas celebrations were organized on December 19, 2012 at the Central Society for the Education of the Deaf (CSED). A cheque of Rs 28,728 was handed over to Principal Mary Behlihomji for our Battery Bank Project for a year’s supply of batteries for the hearing impaired children.

Also, a lovely Christmas party was held on December 21, 2012 at the School for the Crippled (SEC) at Agripada. At both the events the children received gifts, snacks and even had a magic show hosted for them.

Vriksha Ropon-2012

Vriksharopan - A ceremonial way of planting a sapling, accompanied by traditional music and dance performed by the Alumni assoc of Viswa Bharti

4th and 5th GBM

The rapt Inner Wheel members

Anita Parikh and Devina Shah ably assist gourmet
chef Aruniti Shah at the cooking demonstation.

Nehru Centre Project

The evening of the 9th at Nehru Centre saw almost 150 autistic and physically handicapped children, as well as inmates of Parukh Dharamsala, come out to enjoy an evening of music.

Music that was sung to heal the body, mind and soul of these children by the well known Kummar Chatterjee. They were treated to delicious snacks and juices, with snack boxes prepared by Nehru Centre. For the children, their guardians, their teachers and the senior citizens it was truly an evening to remember.

Inner Wheel members who were present to volunteer for that evening were President Sweta, Soni, Sadhana, Rupali, Roopal, Lata, Komal, Geeta Gogia, Niloufer, Jayshreeben and Zarin.

A big thank you to all.

Visit by Shaina N. C.

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay held its 2nd GBM August 22, 2012 at the residence of Mrs Jyoti Doshi. The highlight of the afternoon was a very informative talk on "Politics and BJP" by the well known BJP member and leading fashion designer Shaina N. C.

It was a well attended meeting with a lot of questions and answers flowing through the session.

The afternoon also saw the Induction of Rotary's first lady Niloufer Vazifdar into Inner Wheel. A big thanks to her for so willingly agreeing to be part of the club and our members look forward to a great year with Rotary.

Installation 2012-13

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay celebrated its 50th year and the Installation of the Presidents and office bearers for the year 2012 -13 on July 6, 2012 at the Garware Club.

The event was well attended by dignitaries and senior members of Inner Wheel, Guest of Honour President of Rotary Club of Bombay Mr. Nowroze Vazifdar and first lady Niloufer and several Rotarians. The keynote speaker for the afternoon was Actor Tanuja.

The Chief Guest was Association Vice President Pushpa Suryamurty
An audio -visual show was presented by outgoing President Susmita Mitra, who summed up the year through the projects completed, thanking all those who made huge donations to make it possible.

The afternoon also saw all the Past District Chairmen in the 50 years of the Club History who have completely dedicated themselves towards the mission of Inner Wheel being honoured. This was done by President Sweta Vakil.

The new team was installed soon after by the President Sweta Vakil.

The evening ended with the cake cutting by PDC Silla Ardeshir and PAP Raksha Mehta who coincidently also celebrated her 75th birthday.

Old Archives
Inner Wheel club of Bombay on 13th December 2010 donated blankets to the physically challenged resident students of SEC school (School for the Education of the Crippled) at Kanha Patha, Lonavala. President Geeta Kapur presented the blankets to Ms. Zarine Chothia on behalf of the SEC School. The picture includes Hon. Secretary - Sweta Vakil, Members - Malti Jain & Arti Sanghi.
Silla Ardeshir addressing the gathering
Inaugrating 9th Village Water Project at Shivkar by Rita Steinau
Delegates at the Triennial Conference are Rashna Cooper,Komal Israni,Indira Kotak and Jyoti Doshi
At the Ashramshala are Mira Mehta, Jyoti Doshi,a guest, IIW Pres, Indira Kotak, and Kusum Patel
Mrinalini Kher being felicitated by Ranjan Kaji
Mira Mehta being felicitated at the hand of Ranjan Kaji
Jayshree Parekh receiving the Club Award
Seen at SRCC are Zarine Chothia,Charu Zaveri,Meher Framjee & Jyoti Doshi
Gauri Jatia , Jyoti Doshi and Zarine Chothia
Shama Poddar and Falguni Mehta share the Ambarish Kaji trophy for the year (2007-2008). Presenting it, is Radhika Kaji.
Silla Ardeshir presides over the meeting
Seen with the IIW President are Geeta Kapur, Indira Kotak, Pallavi Shah, Rashna Cooper, Jyoti Doshi and Amita Haribhakti
President Rekha Tanna at the inauguration of the toilet block
Judging the Polio Free Drawing competition for SEC students are Geeta Kapur,Rita Sagar,Zarine Chothia and Sadhna Jain
Rashna Cooper receives a traditional welcome at Wakadi
With the Assoc Pres Azhagu Annamalai are seen Pres Geeta Gogia, DC Revati Jathar, Rural Com members Pushpa Suryamurthy and Raksha Mehta
In the presence of Vasudha Chandrachud, President Falguni Mehta presents a momento to Rotary President Nandan Damani
X-Mas party at SEC School
Presidents of the Club at the donation of equipment for NICU at Sion Hospital.

L to R: Geeta Gogia, Zarine Chothia, Rekha Tanna, Gauri Jatia, Kanta Anand, Anjana Sonawala, Indira Kotak, Chandrakala Aggarwala, Komal Israni, Sheriff Indu Shahani , Radhika Kaji, Aarti Sanghi ,Jyoti Doshi, Rashna Cooper and LataPalekar.

Mira Mehta's family giving the award.
Jayashree Parekh exchanging club flags
Anita Parikh basks in the company of Mother Teresa
At the installation in July 1994 are Mrinal Kher (incoming president), Rekha Tanna (outgoing president) with Aruna Seth and Rotary President Arvind Jolly

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