About Inner Wheel Club of Bombay

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay started its journey 57 years ago. It is part of International Inner Wheel, one of the largest women's service voluntary organisation in the world. Membership in Inner Wheel is by women related to Rotarians or Inner Wheel members or women of eminence who have been invited to join.

International Inner Wheel is active in more than 103 countries with over 1 lakh members in almost 4000 Clubs. It has three key objectives which is common for all Inner Wheel clubs.

  • To Promote True Friendship
  • To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service
  • To Foster International Understanding

Members achieve these aims through Club events, which combine personal service, fund-raising, fellowship and fun, united by friendship and a common aim to serve the local community.

The Inner Wheel club of Bombay like all other Inner Wheel clubs has a strong governance structure and appoints its President and office bearers for only one year. Often a speaker is invited to address the members. These meetings give excellent opportunities to develop friendships and offer community services.

Some facts about our club:

The "Mira Mehta Award" is awarded annually for recognition & promotion of humanitarian work in the development and welfare of women and Children.

"Annual Club Trophy" - To a member of our club excelling in Initiative, Consistency and Upheld standards.

No. of members (current): 82

No. of Association President : 1

No. of District Chairmen from our club: 11

Club meetings : Third Wednesday of each month, 10 meetings in the year.

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay is one of the major contributors in District 314’s integrated Rural Development Programme covering 40 economically backward villages near Panvel in collaboration with an NGO and Kushtarog Niwaran Samiti. Shantivan and the Adivasi Ashramshala have been developed under this scheme.

Annual Membership Fee: Rs. 9500/-

Inner Wheel Prayer

Instill in us O' Lord, the true meaning of friendship
Never let us forget that we are all Thy children
Notwithstanding the differences in our cultures and creeds.
Endow us with a desire to serve our fellowmen,
Remembering that we, too, often need help.
Whenever or wherever the need for service arises,
Help us to be ready to serve.
Endeavoring to make our badge of Inner Wheel worthwhile
Ensuring that we have not lived in vain.

(Composed by Silla Ardeshir, Past District Chairman and Club President)

Forthcoming Events

  • Wed 19th June 2023
    10th GBM and AGM at Intercontinental
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  • Mon 24th June 2023
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  • Mon 1st July 2023
    Installation of the President Elect 24-25
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