Past District Chairmen & Club Presidents

Neela Parikh | 2022-23

Neela Parikh
  • Medical Equipments:
  • INC-200 1 Incubator (KEM Hospital)
  • 2 Transport Nano Incubators (KEM Hospital)
  • 4 Infant Radiant Warmers (KEM Hospital)
  • Bilipod Led Photo Unit (KEM Hospital)
  • 1 C-PAP Machine (Shatabdi hospital)
  • 1 T-Piece Resuscitator (Sion hospital)
  • Examination table (SRCC hospital)
  • Hysteroscopy set (Kuria Bhabha Hospital)
  • Therapy sessions at SRCC
  • Leprosy:
  • Alert India
  • Kushtarog Nivaran Samiti
  • Cancer Aid:
  • Cervical Cancer Vaccine
  • Passages Association for Guidance Education and Support (Chemotherapy)
  • Cancer Patients Aid Society (Medicines)
  • Senior Citizen:
  • Parukh dharamshala
  • Aata Maker & Sewing machine at Vivekanand Jeevan Jyot Kendra at Nalasopara
  • Dignity Foundation fashion Show
  • Matresses to Vaidu community
  • Ashramshala:
  • Help a child
  • Mid day meal
  • School Uniform
  • SEC School:
  • Wheelchairs and calipers
  • Picnic at Acres Club
  • Christmas party celebration
  • Swimming Gala
  • Children Welfare:
  • Art kits for students
  • Goody Bags for Balwadi children at Alibaug
  • Foods & gifts at SRCC Mela
  • Refurbished computers to school at Nargol
  • Mid day meal for Kherwadi Social Welfare Association
  • Sports Support:
  • National Handball wheelchair team
  • Sports Equipments to school at Panvel
  • Sports day at Bombay Institute of Deaf & Mute
  • Sanitation Project:
  • Toilet Blocks at Saral Madhyamik Shala
  • Sanitary Napkins to tribal school
  • IWC Ongoing Project:
  • Adult Literacy I Vocational classes
  • KEM Hospital Kangaroo care
  • Sion Hospital Kangaroo care
  • Carpentry workshop Wifi Connection Medical Help Educational Loan Medical Help Food Distribution:
  • At Children's Aid Society Umarkhadi
  • Ambedkar School
  • Cataract Surgery to Chandam a Bhandari
  • For Aishwarya & Bushra Shaikh
  • Jeet Thakkar for treatment of Necrotizing Pancreatitis
  • Brick workers by Global Rights Foundation
  • District Projects:
  • District Urban Water Project
  • District Urban Medical Project
  • Bharat Ke Veer

Shilpa Mehta | 2021-2022

Shilpa Mehta
  • She is the Daughter of Past District Chairman Mira Mehta and Rotarian Ramesh Mehta
  • Her thrust area was to do small simple Projects which would reach out to the lesser- privileged and lesser- aided sections of Society
  • She was installed as the President on 23rd July, 2021 .
  • Aided the Urban Dstrict Project at Jer bai Wadia Hospital, Parel for setting up Orthotic and Prosthetic Units.
  • Did Distribution of furbished Laptops , Provided by the Rotary Club, to several NGOs and Schools.
  • Helped the flood victims of Chiplun and Mahad Districts through Unnati Foundation.
  • Rewarded 10 Ward Boys of Wadia Hospital for their relentless work during the Pandemic.
  • Helped the Orphans and Destitute Children of the 93 year old Shraddhanand Mahilashram.
  • Helped Student Rani Gupta of SEC Day School with her yearly education.
  • Distributed KAVACH JANANI KITS to young new mothers , in various Municipal Hospitals.
  • Stationery was distributed to Children of Rajiv Gandhi Slums, Wadala, during Pandemic.
  • Ration Kits were distributed to Teachers of Ambedkar School during difficulties faced in Pandemic.
  • At Yusuf Meherally Centre, Donation was given to hold Eye and Medical Camps and for this a Plaque bearing Inner wheel club name has been installed at their premises.
  • At Deeds - vocational training equipments have been donated
  • Sachchidanand School at Dehradun have been provided with Shoes and Sweaters for their orphan children
  • Cancer-affected Children ,in Palliative Care , were provided Toys through NGO- 40 Reasons To Smile
  • Bookshelves have been donated to Ratna Nidhi Trust, which will be installed at low income schools and hospitals.
  • "On Your Mothers Birthday Feed A Hungry Mother"----- Donation was handed over to Ma Foundation to support under-priveleged and suffering mothers in poorest areas
  • Nutritious Meals were arranged for the Migrant Brick Workers of Ulhasnagar
  • Donation was given to Ashray Shelter Home, Bandra for their resident orphaned and street children
  • Inali Foundation was donated funds to prepare Prosthetic Arms for the limbless
  • Aid was given to Friends of Tribal Schools for Education, Health and other Welfare Activities
  • Stretchers for Tata Hospital were donated for their in-patient movements
  • A Meal Van was handed over to Ratna Nidhi Trust to enable them to transport freshly cooked meals for NGOs and Schools
  • Young Creative Production performed Street Plays on current topics..Microphones were given to them
  • SOBTI Parents Association houses young adults who have multiple Disabilities.. Aid was given to them
  • Salary for Teachers was given for extra classes which were taken due to missing of school durimg Pandemic
  • A large part of the West Zone Meet was sponsored by the Club
  • Members donated generously to Ashramshala at Panvel towards their Leprosy patients , Midday Meals and Cow Fodder
  • Scholarshp was also given to 5 Special Children
  • Attended several District Meetings ,mostly on Zoom, as the Pandemic restrictions were still on.
  • Organized an online Clay Leaf Workshop for the Members
  • Attended an Art Exhibtion on Women at the Method Art Gallery
  • Qawwali Competition was organized for all clubs of the District
  • Flamingo Safari at Navi Mumbai ,was organized for members
  • Club had Lovely talks of Musical programs at Heritage Sites and by Doctors
  • New Members were introduced
  • Good Work was done by our On-Going Projects of Ashramshala, Parakh Dharamsala , Vocational Training and Adult Classes at Ambedkar School, The Micro-Credit Scheme
  • In addition, good work was done by few members for Surakshit Bachpan , Swayam ,
  • Plenty of Awards and Accolades were won by our Club
  • Attended all District Events
  • Had a Wondeful out-station trip to the Magica lNorth- East- to the State of Meghalaya

Swati Bhansali | 2020-21

Swati Bhansali
  • Organised Khelo India ,a sports initiative by District vice chairman Sunita Jain,at Shantivan Panvel.
  • Microcredit scheme:
  • Strenthened this ongoing project by giving needy women
  • Loans for their enterprises;like supplying tiffins,stitching clothes.This was parented by PDC Lata Palekar.
  • Education/ Child Welfare: Distributed stationary books and E learning T V s to deserving and underprivileged children.
  • Distributed food and e-learning TV s at SHED NGO.
  • Provided neonatal accessories to the paediatric ward of KEM hospital under ward’s ‘Kangaroo mother care programme’ ( Jhablas,kangaroo bags ,nestings,mattresses for the infants)
  • Essential kits distribution was done in slum areas of Chembur and Kalina.Special meals were given to senior citizens.The kit consisted of oil,rice,dal and sugar.
  • Donated masks ,bed sheets ,gloves to the senior citizens of Parukh Dharamshala
  • Donated sixty sewing machines to various centres of SHED NGO to enable women and earn.
  • Supported the functioning of SRCC children’s hospital by donation .
  • Adult literacy:Continued the support to adult literacy classes together with vocational classes .
  • Installed two large water tanks at Yusuf Meheraully Centre Girls hostel providing water facility for all the needs of the hostel.
  • Fellowship,talks ,fun for the members:
  • Organised a music treat by Dr Rahul Joshi,called ‘ Jeena Isi ka naam hai’ He enthralled us with great Hindi renditions.
  • Christmas and New year was welcomed by member’s entertainment programmes on zoom
  • Workshops and Talks:
  • To keep the enthusiasm,workshops on Vedic maths ,Emotional wellness,general health ,nutrition and social media awareness were organised by eminent personalities.

Jayati Dasgupta | 2019-20

Jayati Dasgupta
  • Supported District Golden Jubilee Project at Saphale where a community Hall and a kitchen were being built. This benefitted 95 villages in that area. Also contributed towards the Inner Wheel School at Palghar.
  • Supported District urban Project at Wadia Hospital where a Learning Disability and Counselling centre was setup.
  • Supported foster care for 13 children of IAPA (Indian Assn. for Promotion of Adoption )
  • Conducted Vedic Maths workshop for 100 children of Ambedkar Municipal School.
  • Helped in branding by distributing umbrella with the club logo
  • Sponsored 3000 meals for under privileged children on World Food Day through Roti Foundation.
  • Held an eye and dental camp for nearly 200 children of SEC school. (Society for Education of the challenged). Besides this we supported and sponsored their annual picnic, Christmas party and Swimming Gala events. Pediatric chairs were also donated for the children.
  • Sponsored the Annual sports day for children of the Deaf & the Mute school, Mazgaon besides sponsoring school uniform for a few needy students and renovation of their basketball court.
  • Donated 400 PPE kits to doctors and staff at Sion hospital
  • 7 Children with eye cancer were sponsored for surgery at Tata Memorial Hospital. This was done through V-Care Foundation.
  • Supported the terminally ill patients of Shanti Avedna Hospice in Bandra.
  • Provided emergency kits to the flood victims during the Maharashtra floods.
  • Organised a music therapy session at Dignity Foundation’s senior Citizen Day care centre, at Jogeshwari. The centre was also provided with mattresses and the meals for 2 months were sponsored.
  • Supported senior Citizens home – Parukh Dharamshala and sponsored their Christmas, New Year and Senior Citizens Day celebrations.
  • Rural Education : Sponsoring of 217 children at Ashramshala, Shantivan
  • Sponsored higher education fees for a number of children.
  • Donated towards education of tribal children at Sachidanand Foundation, Dehradun and Bajaj Institute for the Deaf, Dehradun.
  • Donated sewing machines at Ashramshala for the women to be self-employed.
  • Introduced the NIOS syllabus and sponsored Adult Literacy classes for the under-privileged women.
  • Introduced remedial Teaching classes for the weak students (up to class IV) of Dr. Ambedkar School at Worli.
  • During the COVI-19 pandemic, we helped provide food to the daily wage workers and funds were generated towards the same.
  • Sponsored vocational Classes for under-privileged women in tailoring, embroidery, fabric painting, mehndi and beautician skills. Haldikumkum was celebrated for around 100 students of our classes.
  • Provided a large no. of nestings, kangaroo bags, mattress covers, baby jhablas andcaps to the Neonatal dept. at KEM hospital throughout the year. These were stitched by the students of our tailoring class.
  • Micro credit scheme- One of the most successful ongoing projects, the scheme provides small, interest free loans to women for business purposes and we have many success stories.
  • Organised a fellowship event for members – an outstation trip to Dehradun, Rishikesh and Mussourie.
  • Participated in a huge Inter District Fellowship event with District 314 where 8 clubs of Dehradun participated.
  • Released an E-newsletter of our club "Innerview".
  • Our club Successfully completed a rain water harvesting project at Dignity Lifestyle,Neral. This reservoir will save about 9.8 lakh litres of water annually.

Pallavi Nerker | 2018-19

Pallavi Nerker
  • For District rural project, Bombay club sponsored, full revamping of female Leprosy Ward, partial contribution for the male ward, and the veranda at Kushtarog Nivaran Samiti
  • Education aid was given to 175 tribal children of Ashramshala and yearly school fees for numerous urban needy children.
  • Funds were arranged for 2 educational Institutions towards over all development and to construct a new Building for Junior College.
  • A sterile connecting device was donated for the blood bank for LTMG Sion hospital.
  • An Indirect Ophthalmoscope was donated to the paediatric ophthalmology department of the K.E.M. Hospital.
  • Huge funds were arranged towards Palliative care at Tata memorial Hospital and for up gradation of Milk Bank at Sion Hospital
  • Yearly picnic for 4 branches of S.E.C. school for 250 children was sponsored by our club. Also SEC children were entertained with yearly Christmas party and Swimming Gala.
  • Annual sports day was arranged for Institution for the Deaf & the Mute school children.
  • A morning full of fun was arranged for cancer stricken children at Asian Cancer Foundation. Children were entertained and given gift hampers with health food and toiletries.
  • 27 Children with eye ailment were sponsored for surgery at SRCC Hospital. 300 children were given Toy Kits too.
  • 7 children suffering from club foot were funded and treated by Miracle Feet India associated with Wadia Hospital.
  • Help was extended to Alert India for Leprosy patients.
  • At club run adult literacy Classes, 17 students passed RILM exam with flying colours.
  • Yearly Sarswati Puja and Haldikumkum festivals were celebrated with competition for Vocational classes. Through vocation classes, club supplies branded baby kangaroo bags; mattress covers, nesting, caps and jablas every month to the Neonatal Department of the KEM hospital.
  • Micro credit scheme- One of the most successful ongoing projects, the scheme provides small, interest free loans to women for educational and business purposes.
  • PDC Indiraben Kotak was felicitated at District Conference by association President Smita Pingale.
  • 3 Music concerts were held for Senior citizens and 3 swing and 8 music systems were donated to Dignity Senior Citizen Centre.
  • Crowning of King & Queen contest was held at Parukh old age home for senior citizens.
  • Donation was given to Indian Government initiated "Bharat Ke Veer Corpus" towards Indian Army Jawans.
  • Two significant and noteworthy Fellowship events took place, they were outstation Baroda trip and Table styling workshop at Nicobar life style store.
  • Club project was completed, for Drinking Water supply, to a tribal village Chapeali in Panvel Taluka.

Sandra Merchant | 2017-2018

  • In its 55th year, IWC Bombay focused on supporting underprivileged women and children, and on fostering fellowship among members.
  • Supported multiple programmes for the physically and mentally challenged, especially at SEC school where, in addition, stem cell therapy was sponsored for three children.
  • Supported the District’s Medical Urban Project at R.N. Cooper Hospital and sponsored Training in Palliative care at Tata Memorial.
  • A milestone was passed in our Adult Literacy project when three students successfully passed the National Institute of Open School (NIOS) Basic Literacy Assessment exam.
  • Organised Haldi kumkum and Saraswati puja events for our Vocational classes at BDD school where over 100 women are enrolled in tailoring, embroidery, beautician and English language courses.
  • Supported Rural Projects by building toilet blocks at Dehrang and Housachiwadi villages, and a water project at Kondap, in Panvel.
  • Our senior members were felicitated at a lively Diwali party, and members enjoyed an overnight trip to Lonavala.

Sweta Vakil 2016-2017 | 2012-2013

  • President Sweta Vakil was a 2nd term lending great support to the Dist. Chairman Falguni Mehta (2016-17)
  • Our club sponsored and organised one of the finest Dist. Conferences at Hotel St. Regis for Dist. 314
  • Mani Bhavan project was undertaken to help preserve the rare books on Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Musical concert by Ameya Dabli in support of over 100 Senior citizens from Dignity Foundation.
  • Presented the Mira Mehta Award in support of women who were victims of acid attacks.
  • Supported Dist project on Emotional Therapy and Ayurvedic Botanical Plantation.
  • Donated the colour Doppler machine to the Neonatology dept at Sion hospital
  • Provided a large no. of kangaroo bags, mattress covers etc to the Neonatal dept at KEM hospital

  • For the Battery Bank Project a cheque was handed over for an years supply of batteries for the hearing impaired children.
  • Held lovely Christmas Party at the School for the Crippled (SEC) at Agripada.
  • Nehru Centre saw almost 150 Autistic and physically handicapped children, as well as inmates of Parakh Dharamsala come out to enjoy an evening of music. by Kummar Chatterjee.. .
  • A trip to Panvel was organised to experience the lifestyle in the rural settings alongwith Mr.Nowroze Vazifdar, President Rotary Club of Bombay, Mr. Pranay Vakil , and Mrs. Silla Ardeshir, the founder Dist Chairman of Dist 314. 15,000 families comprising a population of 40,000 are being continuously supported .
  • Toilet blocks at Village Shiravali were inaugurated by, International Inner Wheel President Carole Young.
  • Our club celebrated its 50th year of service at the SRCC Auditorium, Haji Ali. The Inner Wheel Association President Sarita Lunani, Association Vice President Pushpa Suryamurty, District Chairman Amita Timbadia and the Rotary Governor Dr. Bal Inamdar were with us.
  • Special edition of our newsletter "Innerview" to commemorate the 50 years, was released by PAP Silla Ardeshir.
  • A cheque of Rs 14, 88, 000 was handed over to PAP Raksha Mehta who is also the Managing Trustee of Kushtarog Nivaran samiti, for our landmark project of providing water, 56 Toilet Blocks of Wangani Bhekare village, Panvel.

Rashna Cooper | 2015-2016 | 2006-2007

  • Rural Education sponsoring of 242 children at Ashramshalla, Shantivan (part of the District Rural Project)
  • Vocational Classes, Free Classes for Under-privileged women in tailoring, embroidery, fabric painting, mehndi and beautician skills along with conversational English.
  • Micro credit scheme – one of the most successful ongoing projects, the scheme provide small, interest – free loans to women for educational and business purposes, almost 99 % of the loans have been paid back. Loanees have started and are profitably running a variety of small businesses.
  • International White Cane day – celebration and spreading of awareness on the problems of the blind.
  • Early childhood Education – Support to Parishramalya Balwadi by payment of teachers salaries, provision of Mid-day meals for one year, as well as donation of various essential items and educational toys
  • Support of the disabled – for the residential school for the society for the crippled at Kanhe phatta, sponsorship of children, 63 "slumber kits" and a lift for the new school building.
  • Help to the Aged – 3 functions through the year to entertain the aged residents of the Parukh Dharamsalla along with gifts and food.
  • Rural Development – Sponsoring of water projects and 9 toilets at Mahalungi Village.
  • Happy School Project – Sponsoring of 66 benches for Ashramshalla.
  • Picnic for the Disabled – 244 children of all 4 Schools of the society of the crippled entertained with games, competitions, food and snacks at the Rotary Garden for the Differently Abled.

Rupali Sen | 2014-2015

  • Provided kangaroo bags & nesting to KEM’s Neo-Natal Paediatric Ward.This project provided employment to our vocational training centre at BDD chawls
  • Organised talks at Municipal schools by members of "Welfare of Stray dogs"on anti rabies
  • Reconstucted the ladies toilet block at Marine Lines Station with facility for the handicapped
  • Visited the Dignity Foundation and donated towards their ambulance.
  • Conducted the Vriksharopan ceremony to plant a tree and honour the enviornment.
  • Medical camp held at SEC for over 100 children
  • Trip to the renovated Aquarium with differently abled children.
  • Organised a Healing & Yoga Awareness programme at Kaivalyadham, for our members.
  • Picnic at a Garden in Wadala for differently abled children with games and meals.

Vandana Daga | 2013-2014

  • Construction of dining hall at Leprosy centre, Shantivan - 2014
  • Supporting Adivasi Ashramshala at Panvel.
  • Reconstruction of Dining Hall at Panvel.
  • Godhadi Prakalp Scheme at Panvel.
  • Nutritional Patches at Wakadi for villagers.
  • Vocational Centre & Saree Library at BDD Chawl Worli
  • Bringing happiness to children of SEC School
  • Spending joyous moments with inmates of Parakh Dharamshala
  • Cleaning Chowpatty beach after Visarjan.

Susmita Mitra | 2011-2012

  • The drinking water project, which was completed in Ambe village by constructing a bore well and getting the water connection in the village. The women were spared the distance, and could utilize that time for some other good work.
  • Women Empowerment programme. Through Micro Credit scheme loans were given to the women who live in slums / chawls. This way we try to give control of their life by helping them to earn and get economic independence.
  • Arranging the midday meal to the 525 tribal children in Ashramshala, Shantivan.
  • The Sports Day of the Deaf & Dumb School in Mazgaon. It was heartening to see how these special children participating in march past and various sports events ,overcoming their disability.
  • The musical programme, 'Nostalgia', arranged at the Parakh Dharamshala. The elders sang along, danced with so much joy, forgetting the drudgery of everyday.
  • Organizing "Vrikshropan". Honoring nature / environment by planting a sapling with full honor. Replicating the idea of Rabindranath Tagore.
  • Arranging help the cancer patients with their treatment and prosthesis.

Geeta Gogia | 2008-2009

Her term saw large contributions from overseas.
From all the projects undertaken , the few closest to her heart were:

  • A garage- sale conducted jointly with the Zone 1 clubs at YMCA premises. This involved a lot of personalized effort and fostered fellowship with the other clubs.The proceeds were jointly donated to NASEOH for corrective surgeries.
  • Installation of 3 borewells at Umroli and Khanav villages sponsored by our German donors.
  • Donation of a ventilator and anesthesia machine courtesy Ratanchand Foundation to the LMT Hospital. Also donated equipment to the neo-natal clinic.
  • Providing for the visually impaired - software equipment, vocational training, cataract surgeries, structural repairs to old peoples home, education of 20 girls etc
  • Donating homes worth $10,000 and members personally building a home for a lady-villager under the aegis of " Women India Builds ".
  • The past presidents project for the year was to prepare a web-site of our club.
  • In a break from the indoor meetings the Club members were taken on the under-construction Bandra -Worli -Sea -Link and given a conducted tour, taken a 100mt high in the lift and given a panoramic view. The District committee was also invited to this fellowship event which ended with a high tea.

Falguni Mehta | District Chairman 2016-2017 | President 2009-2010

  • A very accomplished person and daughter of our Past Association President, Raksha Mehta
  • Her thrust area was rural development of villages in and around Panvel with emphasises on education of tribals, women empowerment, providing drinking water, sanitation and environment friendly projects.
  • In the urban areas focus was on micro-finance to women and reaching out to the vulnerable sections of society.
  • She was installed as President on 15th July, 2009, when The Club celebrated its 46 years of service
  • The official web site of the Club was launched by District Chairman Vasudha Chandrachud.
  • The Club has sponsored a record 300 students at Ashramshala this year.
  • Set up a language laboratory ( Past Presidents Project) for communication skills and a spinning wheel centre at Ashramshala, Shantivan.
  • Environment Project – Soil/Water Conservation, vermi compost at Bhanghar village.
  • Provided drinking water to Shivkar, Koproli , Shivansai villages by installing bore-wells , pipelines and water tanks.
  • Provided sanitation blocks to Shivansai village.
  • For Pollution control distributed 30 Sarayee cookers and smokeless fuel in villages.
  • Women Empowerment workshops at Balwantrai Mehta Centre(Rural) and Ambedkar School (Urban).
  • For physically challenged children organized Diwali, X-mas parties, a swimming gala, sports meet, "handicap" mela for 1000 children.
  • Supported education of spastics and held art competition for " Polio Free India".
  • Distributed 200 white canes to visually impaired and provided a computer to Helen Keller Institute for the Blind.
  • Arranged ENT medical camp for 80 physically challenged children and Medical Camp for Blind Welfare Association.
  • Donated calipers, walking aids to physically challenged children.
  • As District Committee Editor for the term 2011-12 ,she prepared poster to exhibit club projects to participate in the 15th IIW Convention at istanbulin April 2012.
  • She set the record for the highest collectionby a District editor through advertisements in the Souvenier.
  • As District ISO -2012-13 she initiated an Inter District Rural project with Dist 313 in the presence of Assoc President Sarita Lunani.
  • She also attended the 13th Triennial conference in Hyderabad and was appointed steward at the business session by Assoc President.
  • 2012 -Recipient of Vocational Excellence Award bestowed by Rotary club of Bombay Sea Coast.
    2013 –Is current District Treasurer.
  • Dist 314 Treasurer (2013-14)
  • Treasurer of 3rd South Asia Rally (2014)
  • Dist 314 Secretary (2014-15)

  • She was District Chairman 2016-17 - She successfully implemented the District Environment Rural Project - a Botanical Ayurvedic Organic - 2 acre-Plantation at Shantivan, along with providing amenities to the Residential Tribal School Ashramshala, namely - a newly constructed staff room with amenities, solar lights on campus, repairs of existing toilet blocks for boys, solar water heater for boys' hostel and BM Centre, & open air auditorium at BM Centre
  • Her District Urban Project focussed on emotional health & wellness by making available psychotherapeutic treatment for the underprivileged.
  • She is the 11th District Chairman from IWC Bombay.
  • IPDC & AC Member- 2017-18
  • Currently she is Chairman of District 314 Rural Projects committee-2018-19 in the silver jubilee partnership of Kushtarog Niwaran Samiti and Clubs of IW District 314, whereby , besides supporting the Ashramshala, existing leprosy ward are being revamped and a new leprosy medical training and research centre is being constructed, to be inaugurated by IIW President Christine Kirby, AP Smita Pingle & DC Vidhya Subramanian, in the presence of a galaxy of Past Association Presidents.

Geeta Kapur | 2010-2011

  • Supported Tribal students under "Help A Child" programme at Ashramshala, Shantivan.
  • Organised Christmas & Diwali parties, Swimming Gala, Sports meet, Handicapped Mela for 1000 Physically Challenged Children.
  • Initiated Battery Bank for under privileged hearing impaired students at The Central Society for the Education of the Deaf.
  • Constructed Rural Empowerment centre at Shantivan, Panvel
  • Re-constructive surgery & medical treatment of Leprosy patients at Shantivan, Panvel.
  • Life saving equipment for Neo Natals at Sion Hospital.
  • Women Empowerment Workshops for Vocational Training at Balwant Rai Mehta Centre & Ambedkar School.
  • Donated Sewing & Fall Beading Machines & Lift Irrigation Pumps at Ashramshala.
  • Provided interest free Micro Finance Loans.
  • Soil Water Conservation & Vermi Composting at Bhangar village.
  • Borewells in Shiravli Thakurpada & Bakulwadi Villages.

Komal Israni | 2005-2006

  • She brought valuable experience when she transferred to our club from IWC of Bombay South.
  • A unique scheme of micro-financing was started for the women around BDD chawls. It is a success story ably managed by Lata Palekar, Arti Sanghi and Komal Israni.
  • Donated towards the " Flood Relief Rehabilitation ".
  • Created a recreation room at the Ambedkar School.
  • Organised a wonderful fellowship dinner for the entire club and their spouses.
  • She is currently the treasurer of the Charity Trust.
    2013 – Attended the 13th Triennial Conference at Hyderabad.

Gauri Jatia | 2004-2005

  • She was a great support to the then District Chairman Jyoti Doshi.
  • Undertook the construction of a ladies dormitory and office at Ashramshala.
  • Inaugurated a human milk-bank at KEM on 11 Jan 2005.
  • Did a fund raiser at the Air India auditorium with a classical concert.
  • Organized a programme "Day of Hope" where 400 handicapped children were treated to snacks and entertained with the help of Rotractors.
  • Gauri is generous in offering her office premises to Zone 1 members for practice.

Kusum Patel | 2003-2004

  • The Panchayat Raj Training centre was inaugurated at Shantivan on 5 Feb,2004.
  • With the collaboration of Rotary Club of Bombay the BDD school playground was inaugurated on 26 June 2004.
  • Kusum is an avid donor of cows and providing fodder for them at Ashramshala. In the pipeline is sponsoring the construction of a gaushala.
  • In her term she conducted a meeting at her farm in Badlapur.

Arti Sanghi | 2002-2003

    She brought a lot of verve and zest to her term. Her enthusiasm evoked a warm
    response from the members.

  • The club contributed towards the Auditorium / Training Centre at Shantivan.
  • Rain water harvesting was undertaken at Satchiwadi.
  • Kamathipura municipal school was adopted for an year.
  • A camp was held for immunizing over a 1000 children against Hepatitis - B
  • Rehabilitation of 25 leprosy children was undertaken.

Indira Kotak | 2001-2002

    Hers was a very busy year.

  • The "Association Silver Jubilee" function was in this period and our Club sponsored the event generously.
  • Members visited Bhuj in the aftermath of the earthquake and help was given to 9 villages in Kutch, by inaugurating balwadis and health care centres.
  • At Shantivan the triple benefit project was undertaken whereby women received insurance coverage.
  • She was District Chairman for 2010-2011 In her tenure she propagated self-reliance for rural areas and with a personal contribution of Rs 30 lacs put up an Empowerment Centre at Shantivan for the benefit of over 40 villages.
  • Provided 2 Bubble C Paps and various other medical equipment to Sion Hospital at a cost of 10 lacs. 2013 – Attended the 13th Triennial Conference at Hyderabad.
  • She sponsored the Dist Conference at the Taj Vivanta for over 500 members of her district.
  • 2013 – Attended the 13th Triennial Conference at Hyderabad.

Anjana Sonawala | 2000-2001

  • Organized a fund-raiser with a film-show.
  • Established the leprosy ward for women at Shantivan.

Jyoti Doshi | 2007-2008 | 1997-1998

  • Has had a very illustrious career with the Inner Wheel.Besides serving two terms as president and one as District Chairman.
  • She managed a record 100 projects in her first term.
  • Held a fund raiser by the handicapped for 550 handicapped children at Nehru Centre and raised over 5 lacs.
  • Planted a 1000 saplings at Solapur.
  • From this year onwards our club stopped applying for the District Awards.
  • In 2004-2005 she became the District Chairman. Her District Conference was held at the Taj President and Juhi Chawla was the chief guest.
  • Constructed a Ladies Dormitory at B.M.Centre , Shantivan for residential rural women empowerment workshops at the grass root level. She sponsors the education of 100 children of Ashramshala every year.
  • When in 2007 there was an unavailability of a President, she graciously stepped in to serve a second term in 2007-2008. Jyoti is the mainstay of our Inner wheel projects. She is a major donor, contributing every year to our projects
  • She is also an authority on our constitution and guiding light to all incoming office-bearers.
  • In her second term she sponsored the education of 181 children of Ashramshala
  • Provided medical equipment to LMT Hospital
  • Sponsored mass marriages of adivasi couples
  • Sponsors the nurse for the milk-bank at LMT Hospital set up since 2004-05 by our club courtesy Ratanchand Foundation.
  • She was ESO ( Extension Services Organiser ) at the District level for 2010-11.
  • Is Trustee of Club Charity Trust.
  • 2013 – Attended the 13th Triennial Conference at Hyderabad.

Radhika Kaji | 1996-1997

  • Has been the youngest president of our Club.
  • Organised a special "coffee morning " to raise funds for the handicapped, the proceeds of which were donated to Wadia Hosp.
  • Took 150 children to have a picnic at the Governor’s Beach.
  • Planted over 400 saplings.
  • Installed 6 telephone booths for the handicapped to give them a permanent source of livlihood.
  • Set up 3 sauchalyas at KEM Hospital , Mahim Station and outside the Taj.

Malini Agarwalla | 1995-1996

  • Converted a dumping area into a playground at Narayan Dhabolkar Road with the help of neighbouring slum children( they were treated to snacks and taught cleanliness)
  • Set up two Sulabh sauchalyas and drinking water facilities.
  • Contributed to setting up the Community Hall at Wakadi.
  • Provided a borewell in Sevansari village.
  • There was a joint meeting of our club with the Rotary Club and Maneka Gandhi had addressed the meeting.

Late Meher Framjee

  • In 1996 Meher transferred to our Club.
  • She was the Founder Chairman of IW Dist 310/311 in Agra.
  • She was a member of the National Council for over 2 yrs and hosted two meetings.
  • She then became a representative of the IIW from 1972-74
  • In 2001 she was awarded the Most Active PDC Trophy.
  • She is the Grande dame of our Club and equally involved in all our activities to date.

Mrinal Kher | 1994-1995

  • The year 1994 was declared by WHO as "Year of Oral Health". She organised a dental clinic at Rotary Village Corp, Kherwadi and donated a dental-chair.
  • Donated a kitchen-set to VOICE
  • Had IIT Bombay research and design a hydraulic wheel- chair especially for the disabled children.

Rekha Tanna | 1993-1994

  • Holds the record for introducing 23 new members.
  • Renovated the clinic and immunization centre at Sah & Sanghi in the BDD chawls.
  • Established drinking water fountains outside the Museum & Kamala Nehru Park.
  • Organised the cleaning of Banganga and Prem nagar jhopad-pattis.
  • Undertook the beautification of Kamala Nehru Park.

Jayshree Parekh | 1998-1999 | 1992-1993

  • Served two very successful terms as President.
  • She constructed a Sulabh Sauchalya at Chowpatty, sponsored by Crompton Greaves.
  • Organised drinking water facility for Kumble village sponsored by Jimmy Guzdar.
  • Organised a battery bank for Central School for Deaf for uninterrupted supply of hearing aid.
  • Held a family planning camp at Shanmukhananda Hall and invited the governor’s wife Ackamma Alexander to be the chief guest.

Naju Colah | 1990-1991

  • Continued with the Clubs on-going projects.

Late Alice D’Souza | 1989-1990

  • Best remembered for sponsoring the Sports day at the Institute for Deaf and Mutes.The Club since 2009 has instituted a running trophy for the best sports person in her honour.

Nayana Aggarwal | 1987-1988

  • She favoured doing health projects.
  • Organised a medical camp at Kherwadi for over 200 children
  • Organized eye-check ups at Kanhayalal Municipal school with the help of Asha Reshamwala and Dr Sharmila Kazerouni.

Ranjan Kaji | 1986-1987

  • Organized a hindi play to raise funds
  • For the first time 4 Inner Wheel clubs went to Marve, conducted their individual meetings and then "picnic-ed " together.
  • Provided material for sewing to Cheetah and Shivaji Nagar Camps ladies.
  • Donated playground equipment to a park.

Chandrakala Agarwalla | 1985-1986

  • The Shanti Avedna Hospice was her pet project and she made several donations to it.
  • She transferred from our Club to Dhanbad , where she founded an Inner Wheel club and set up the Inner Wheel District 325 becoming its District Chairman..
  • We are happy to welcome her in our midst again.

Zarine Chothia | 1984-1985

  • For several years she organized a ‘mela" for 350 handicapped children at the grounds near her home. Since 1984 over 2000 handicapped children from several institutions converge at the SRCC (Society for the Rehabilitation of Crippled Children) for a "MELA".Our Club contributes towards the "Fun City" at this mela and we host a stall serving pizzas and pastries mostly catered by our members and some donors. This project of Zarine’s gave much joy and happiness. From 2014, when the grounds for the mela became unavailable, she started organising a picnic at the Wadala Gardens for the physically-challenged children of the SEC schools which is a grand success, due in no small measure to her detailed planning.
  • Her special interest is the handicapped. Through her efforts our Club sponsors the inter-school swimming competition every year for the SEC and CSED schools .
  • Parakh Dharamsala is also one of the beneficiaries of her care and concern. She alleviates the loneliness of the residents by organizing fun-fellowships for them, assisted by our Club members.

Lata Palekar | 1991-1992 | 1983-1984

  • The Inner Wheel Club of Bombay has been running the Microcredit Scheme for the last 12 years under the benevolent and able leadership of PDC Lata Palekar. She has several success stories to narrate as she has helped innumerable women start tiffin services and other home-based businesses. The success of the Microcredit scheme has spurred the District Chairman 2014-15 to make it one of her key focus areas for the District and our Lata is heading the team and guiding other Clubs to replicate the model.
  • An esteemed personality, she has served two terms as president.
  • She graciously hosted all our VIP and International guests.
  • Was trustee of the Charity Trust for almost 30yrs and managed the account as treasurer for 17 yrs.
  • In her term the first toilet block was set up at Churchgate and was sponsored by LIC.
  • She became Dist Chairman in the year 2001-2002. Her District Conference was held at the Hotel Oberoi and Amitabh Bachchan was honoured by the Club with the "Lifetime Achievement Award ".In her term the Association celebrated its Silver Jubilee.
  • As DC she introduced the Zonal system and in the District and established that transactions were conducted by cheque rather than cash.
  • She started the concept of joint installations of Presidents at the Dist Assembly.

Late Mira Mehta | 1999-2000 | 1982-1983

  • Served as President for two terms. In the first term her pet project was to start a door-step school with a bus.
  • In the 2nd term she supported the Make a Wish Foundation and helped fulfill the last wishes of terminally ill children.
  • She was also District Chairman 88-89
  • For several years our Club runs a clinic and immunization centre at the BDD Chawls. Mira went every week and supervised the same.
  • The Club has instituted an award in her memory from an endowment by her husband Rtn Ramesh Mehta & family.
  • The Award is for recognition & Promotion of humanitarian work in the development & welfare of women & children.
  • She was Trustee of Club Charity Trust.

Kanta Anand | 1981-1982

  • Became District Chairman in 90-91
  • As an AC member travelled to Indore and Khandwa
  • Organised an Audiometer from Hongkong for Sion Hosp to check the hearing of new-borns.
  • From her term the Presidents started maintaining a list of "Projects Done " She was Trustee of Club Charity Trust.

Late Zarina Kajiji | 1980-81

  • She was founder Vice President of IWC of North Bombay before she transferred to our Club in 1965
  • She had a deft hand with handicrafts and represented our Club in several competitions.

Anita Parikh | 1978- 1979

  • Continued with Sutharpakhadi as the main project.
  • She organized sewing of over 6000 diapers and dresses and a 1000 blankets. Every new mother left the hospital with a set of clothes.
  • A regular donor to our Club , she has since 2009 instituted an award for "Outstanding Social Service".
  • She served as Dist Editor in 79-80
  • This year some members attended the IIW Convention in Brighton.

1979-1980 - Sooni Mehta

  • In her term 40 kids from the backward class from a Marathi medium school in Pune were brought to Bombay for a weekend treat and put up at Girton High School.The girls were treated to camp-fires, sight-seeing and puppet - shows. This was done in coordination with the Inner Wheel Club of Pune.

Late Shirin Petigara | 1977-1978

  • Organised a successful "card-drive" to collect funds for charity. For several months members were busy making cards, sewing and crocheting items for the sale.
  • She became District chairman in 80-81 and introduced:
    a) Care for the old and lonely
    b) Promoted, prevention of nutritional blindness in children by giving 6 monthly concentrated doses of Vitamin A.
    She was Trustee of Club Charity trust.

Coomi Kharas | 1976-1977

  • Continued with the ongoing projects.

Late Banoo Cama | 1975-1976

  • She streamlined the Club systems. A separate Inner Wheel Charity Trust was formed.
  • Also formed sub-committees for regular projects.
  • She started the Incoming Chairman’s Training Institute and with Silla’s help drafted all rules for incoming presidents and other posts, official seating procedures and protocol to be followed.
  • She went on to become the 3rd District Chairman from our Club in 77-78.
  • In her term daily comic strips were pasted together to make an album in different languages and distributed among children.
  • She was Trustee of Club Charity trust.

Raksha Mehta

  • She transferred to our Club from the IWC of Thane in 1975. She was District Chairman in 71-72 from her previous club.
  • In 1976-77 she was elected Founder President of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India and Sri Lanka and held the 1st Association Conference in Bombay.
  • The Byelaws for the new Association were framed by stalwarts Purviz Banaji, Silla Ardeshir and Raksha Mehta.
  • Between 1978-91 she took an active part in her club. She became Secretary twice and Vice President to help new members. She was Trustee of Club Charity trust.
  • In 1991-92 she was appointed Conference Chairman of the 6th Association Triennial Conference which was held in Bombay
  • In 1994 , the past IIWR formed the past IIWRs Forum to help provide guidance to the Association Council . She was appointed Convener and Secretary of the Forum.
  • From 1992-97 she was Chairman of Inner Wheel Public Service Committee , Dist. 314. Under her leadership the Committee had constructed 30 public conveniences and 21 drinking water facilities at strategic places in the city and suburbs.
  • In 1996 she was awarded the Most Active PDC Trophy.
  • She became Chairman of Constitution and Credential Committee of Dist. 314 thrice.
  • In 2001 she was the Chairman of Silver Jubilee Celebration Committee of Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India and also the Chairman of the Gujarat Earthquake Relief Committee when the Inner Wheel Clubs of the Assn. took up projects for physical and social rehabilitation of 9 affected villages in Mundra Taluka, Kutch District and also projects for educational scholarship for earthquake affected students.
  • She was Conference Chairman of the 11th Association Triennial Conference held in Mumbai.
  • In 2006 she was recipient of Vocational Excellence Award from the Rotary Club of Bombay airport.
  • In 2006 she was recipient of Vocational Excellence Award from the Rotary Club of Bombay airport.
  • In 2007 she was awarded the Margarette Golding Award at the 11th Association Triennial Conference in Mumbai, the highest award in IIW.
  • In 2009 Rotary Club of Bombay bestowed on her the award for "Outstanding Social Service".
  • In 2012- Honoured by receiving the "Women Achiever’s Award " by Rotary Club of Airport Bombay.
  • Since 1997 she is the Chairman of the Rural Projects Committee of Inner Wheel Dist. 314. She is the mainstay of our rural projects ,having adopted 40 tribal villages and a residential tribal school at Shantivan ,Panvel. Our past Association President Alaghu Annamalai felt everyone should emulate our rural project and declared it to be one of the best.
  • Association President Nandini Bhargava (2009-10) echoed the sentiments of her predecessors , asserting that the rural projects at Wakdi were truly the jewel in the crown of Inner Wheel Dist. 314 2013 - She attended the 13th Triennial Conference at Hyderabad.

Shahsultana Currim | 1974-1975

  • Organized an extremely interesting visit to the kitchens of the TAJ.
  • The Club received an award for collecting the largest number of stamps at the District Rally.


The Save the Children Fund

  • Baby Ratan project - Ms Ratan Waghmare a girl born to parents suffering from leprosy was adopted by the District and educated in Pune.
  • Sutharpakhadi project - Water pipes were laid and a medical clinic established in the Sahar village. Children were taught in a make-shift arrangement.
  • Save the Children Fund - Postal stamps were collected and sent courtesy Air India to International Link clubs to collect funds for needy children.
  • Helping at the NGO Sneh Sadan.
  • Sponsoring leprosy detection at Ackworth Leprosy Hospital.
  • Creating a stamp-album to sell and raise funds.
  • The early years were personified more by doing personalized service and frequent fellowships.

Sushila Lakhanpal | 1973-1974

  • Was an outgoing and social personality.
  • She spread the word about Inner Wheel and was a large donor.

Kookie Kheshwala | 1988-1989 | 1972-1973

  • She took on the Presidentship twice and continued with the ongoing projects.

Champa Mehta | 1971-1972

  • She added prestige to our Club as she was the wife of the then Governor.

Ida Fernandes | 1970-1971

  • Ida kept the Club flag flying high.

Sheila Kumar | 1969-1970

  • Is remembered as a good President.
  • She was the founder Secretary of our Club.

Lily Jaysinghe | 1968-1969

  • Despite adversities on the home front, she led the Club well.

Silla Ardeshir | 1967-1968

  • Started the " Sutharpakhadi Project " near Sahar.Water-pipes werelaid and a medical clinic established in the Sahar villge.Children were taught in a makeshift arrangement.
  • She was active at the NGO Sneh Sadan.
  • Sponsored leprosy detection at Ackworth Leprosy Hospital.
  • Created a stamp-album to ell and raise funds.
  • Was Trustee of the Club Charity Trust.
  • She was Chairman of Constitution & Credential Committee at the 1st association Conference in Bombay.
  • She was instrumental in framing the bye-laws for the National Council and the Association.
  • When Dist 315 bifurcated , she became the founder Dist Chairman of Dist 314 in 70-71.
  • To her goes the credit of composing our Inner Wheel Prayer.
  • She has been a regular helper at the Avedna hospice for several years advocating personalized service.

Shreemati Kilachand | 1966-1967

  • A hostess with the mostest !! She held several meetings at her palatial bungalow.

Gulbanoo Premji | 1965-1966

  • She worked with the orthopedic hospital and continued with " Save the children Fund " project.
  • She was the mother of Aziz Premji.

Late Purviz Banaji | 1964-1965

  • She helped frame the bye-laws of the National Council of Inner Wheel Clubs of India and Sri Lanka which was greatly appreciated by IIW Presidents Lavender Weightman and Dorothy Hitching. Save the Children Fund - Postal stamps were collected and sent courtesy Air India to International link clubs to collect funds for needy children.
  • She adopted the "Baby Ratan " project.
  • Became the founder District Chairman of Dist 315 in 1966.

IWC BOMBAY-1st July 1963

Founder Club President - Soona Balsara

  • Became the founder President of the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay under Dist 315 on July 1st 1963.
  • It was the first club of our district and the 3rd in India.

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