Events and Fellowship
IWC centenary celebrations

VEER GAATHA designed by our very own Samira Shah. The exhibition was par excellence. Thank you Samira.

A heritage walk at Khotachi Wadi Gamdevi

An orientation on Cadaver donation by KEM dean. The Government Hospitals are slowly active in Cadaver donations. The beneficiary gets a new life.

A heritage walk at Khotachi Wadi Gamdevi

A heritage walk organised by IWC Bombay at CSMT station in coordination with Khaki tours

Interesting talk by climate reality reader Nita Ganguly was conducted on 26th at Orient Club

For the Neonatal Ward at Sion Hospital

Swimming Competition of SEC School

Swimming Competition of SEC School was sponsored by IWC Bombay, was held on 28th March 2023, at YMCA swimming pool, Agri Pada. Students of three units Agripada, Antop Hill and Khar Danda participated in the event.
Members attending 9th GBM

9th GBM was held at Taki Taki Lower Parel, on 23rd March 2023. The meeting was followed by a talk by Jyoti Gandhi, a Brain Gym Coach; she demonstrated easy neurological exercises to remain mentally fit and healthy.
District Urban Project

Under District Urban Project, water coolers were installed at Railway Stations, to provide clean and safe drinking water. IWC Bombay donated a water cooler at Dadar Central Station, platform No.7, courtesy Manju Agarwal.
Adult Literacy

As a new beginning six students of Adult Literacy Group appeared for the Leval A of Open Basic Education program, under National Institute of Open Schooling - an autonomous institute under Ministry of Education, Govt. of India; four students were from EnglIsh medium and two from Hindi medium.
Surakshit Bachpan

Surakshit Bachpan- District Project was undertaken up by CC Mita Roy. Under this project Life Skills (mentor Swaroop Sampat) were taught to IXth Standard students of S.H.E.D at Kalina;a total of 10 sessions were taken of 1 hour duration. The skills covered were knowing, understanding and managing emotions, understanding self, empathy, effective communication, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.
Vivekand Shobha Jeevan Jyot Kendra Nalasopara

Sewing Machine, Flour Grinding Mill and Swings were donated to Vivekand Shobha Jeevan Jyot Kendra, Nalasopara. The organisation runs 'Old Age Shelter Homes' for elderly ladies and orphan girls.
Shamlom Primary School & College, Panchgani

Reusable sanitary napkins were donated to the girls of Tribal section of 'Shalom Primary School and Junior College, at Panchgani. These napkins were donated by Lou and Daddy Burjor from USA on their visit to Mumbai. The project was facilitated by Niloufer Vazifdar.
Donation of Bubble CPAP

As landmark Projects for 60th Anniversary Celebrations, donations were made of equipments for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of i) KEM Hospital - two Incubators, two Transport Incubators, four Infant Warmers, ii) Pt Madan Mohan Malviya Shatabdi Hospital - Bubble CPAP iii) Sion Hospital - T piece Resuscitator
Sparsh District Project

Sparsh, programme for prevention of child sexual abuse, had been undertaken by Zainab Lokhandwalla as the Club Sparsh Chairman, and conducted by Zonal Coordinator, Pooja Kothari.
Urban Medical Project - 9th January 2023

District Urban projects of which PDC Jyoti Doshi is the Project Chairman, were inaugurated on 9th January 2023. The projects were i) Cytology Lab at Cama and Albess Hospital for Women and Children and ii) Seniour Day Care Centre with a Garden of Tranquility, at King George V Memorial Trust.

IWC Members present at the inauguration; PDC Jyoti Doshi-The Project Chairman, PDC Indira Kotak, President Neela Parikh and PP Rupali Sen
New Year Celebration with Senior Citizens - 5th January 2023

New Year was celebrated with Seniour Citizens at Parukh Dharamshala with King and Queen contest, on 5th January 2023.

President Neela and Honorary Scretary Arin with 'King' and 'Queen'
SEC school Picnic on 30th November at Acres club Chembur
SRCC children's Hospital Celebration on Children's day 14th November
Aadivasi Aanganwadi centres near Alibaug were visited by IWC Bombay. A goodie bag was distributed to the children
Christmas party at SEC school Agripada on 22nd December.
Laughter Therapy session

Laughter Therapy session was conducted by Digi Engineer, at SEC school (Society for The Education of the Challenged) on 25th August 2022.

Laughter of the children of SEC school said it all
Initiated by IWC Bombay Bayview

Initiated by IWC Bombay Bayview, a joint project was undertaken with IWC of Zone 1 of District 314, for ALERT-INDIA (Association for Leprosy Education, Rehabilitation and Treatment - India). Donation of Rs. 40,000/- per club was collected for Selfcare with 400 Ulcer Dressing Kits and 300 MCR (Microcellular Rubber footwear) specially made for Leprosy Patients.

The shoes and its parts are designed by the team, and made in - house. The wear and tear of the shoes as a result of the patients' walking pattern, are not more than six months

Yusuf Meherally Centre at Panvel, was visited on 6th March 2023.

Swings, See-Saws, Bar Hanging, Equipment for Volly ball, and Cricket Bats and Balls, were donated to Bhanuben Pravin Shah Vidyalaya, Tara, Panvel, run by the Centre. The project was inaugurated by President Neela Parikh in presence of Vice Chairman Pallavi Choksi, and members of club viz. Mita Roy, Roopal Thakkar and Zainab Lokhandwalla.

Motorised Examination Table was donated to the Society for Rehabilitation of Crippled Children (SRCC) on 22nd February 2023.

The table would support treatment by enabling effective examination and thereby facilitate diagnosis

Sports Day of Bombay Institute of Deaf and Mute has been sponsored by IWC Bombay, for several years. The school always designs innovative and interesting games for the students and also for our members. This year it was held on 3rd February 2023
Rotary Club of Bombay and Fern Residency distributed 50 mattreses to Vaidu Community, On Saturday 14th Jan 2023 IWC Bombay.

On Saturday 14th Jan IWC Bombay, Rotary Club of Bombay and Fern Residency distributed 50 mattreses to Vaidu Community .

OCV and 2nd GBM at CCI, C.K. Nayudu Hall, on 10th August 2022.

Our Club's OCV( official club visit) , ECM and 2nd GBM were conducted at CCI, C.K. Nayudu Hall, on 10th August 2022. After the meetings, an interesting game of Quiz was played , designed by Zainab and conducted by PP Sweta. Prizes were given to the winning team. The event ended by impromptu singing of a medley of patriotic songs compiled by Zainab and Zarin. A copy of the songs was handed over to all the members and were sung spontaneously without any rehearsal.

President Neela Conducting her 2nd GBM after OCV. CC Mita, Hon. Treas. Roopal, IPP Shilpa, DC Mita Sheth, President Neela, VP Shivangi, Hon. Sec. Arin, ISO Kauser
DC Mita Sheth with President Neela and Her team Hon. Sec. Arin, PP Jayati, ISO Kauser, DC Mita Sheth, Hon. Treas. Roopal, CC Mita, Trustee Treas. Rupali, President Neela
DC Mita Sheth with PP Jayati viewing the digital report on Microcredit Project
Group photo with Mita Sheth and Dist. Sec. Prerna Raichur
Installation of new members, Bapsi Banajee and Firuza Khan
Interactive Quiz Session
Members singing patriotic songs to celebrate upcoming 76th independence Day!
DC Mita Sheth with CC Mita appreciating the monthly Newsletter - In Touch
DC Mita Sheth in a discussion with President Neela, Hon. Sec. Arin, and ISO Kauser
DC Mita Sheth with Hon. Treas. Roopal, inspecting the letter received from Dist. Treas.
1st GBM at Garware Club House on 20th July 2022.
President Neela conducting her 1st GBM
Induction of New Members
Guest Speaker Rauzat Queireshi
Fun time after the GBM
Fun time after the GBM
Mira Mehta Award, Installation of President Neela Parikh and her team, and 60 years celebration! at Worli on 1 st July 2022

1st July 2022 was a very important day for Inner Wheel Club of Bombay. Established on 1st July 1963, Inner Wheel Club of Bombay was formed in R.I. Dist. 315.

Late Ms. Purviz Banaji laid the foundation of starting the first Inner Wheel Club in Maharashtra, 3rd in India after Ahmedabad and Kolkata.

The founder President was Late Ms. Soona Balsara. The Charter was presented on April 13, 1964 by Ms. Reynolds, wife of the Deputy British High Commissioner.

The Golden History of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay:

  • First Club to be set up in Maharashtra
  • First District Chairman, Purviz Banaji (District 315)
  • First District Chairman, Silla Ardeshir (District 314)
  • First Association President, Raksha Mehta
  • First Triennial Conference - Constitution and Credential Committee Chairman of the Association, Silla Ardeshir
  • First Triennial Conference or Association Conference Chairman, Raksha Mehta
  • First Inner Wheel member in India to be felicitated with Margarette Golding Award, Raksha Mehta
  • First Club in India that has given 11 Chairmen to the District
  • First Club in District 314 to start with a micro finance scheme
  • First Trust of IW clubs in India – Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Charity Trust

Installation of our new President Neela Parikh was held on this joyous day in presence of the District Chairman Mita Sheth and her entire team. There were 92 attendees to share the joy of the Club. Special video presentations were shown, 11 new members were initiated, and a heart-warming performance was given by the students of the Society for the Education of the Challenged.

It was a day of elation, jubilation and happiness, when the Immediate Past President Shilpa Mehta handed over the reins to Neela Parikh, and the members resolved and committed to continue the good work with more determination, as they stepped into the 60th year.

ऐ दिल ख़ुशी का दिन है यहाँ
ये है Inner Wheel Club of Bombay मेरी जाँ

ऐ दिल ख़ुशहाली का माहौल यहाँ
ये है inner wheel club of Bombay मेरी जाँ

१. इसे Perviz Banaji ने स्थापित किया
Silla Ardeshir ने इसे पंख दिया
Rakshaben Mehta ने क्या ख़ूब उठाया
Banoo Cama ने बाहों में लिया
shirin pe tigara ने क्या काम किया
ये है Inner Wheel club of Bombay मेरी जाँ ….

२. ईनाम हम देते Meera mehta के नाम
साथ अपने है kanta anand सुबह-शाम
Lata Palekar ने बढ़ाई है शान
इस club में है Jyoti Doshi का बड़ा मान
Indira Kotak करती है ख़ूब काम
Falguni Mehta का है अपना स्थान …..

३. साठ सालों तक club का नाम ऊँचा किया
मेहनत और लगन से क्या काम किया
सोचकर और समझ कर हर project लिया
समाज की सेवा में योगदान दिया
हर एक president का बहुत शुक्रिया
ये है inner wheel club of Bombay मेरी जा

४. आगे जा कर हम club का नाम रोशन करेंगे
बड़ी लगन से कई projects करेंगे
true friendship को हम प्रोत्साहित करेंगे
per sonal service को बढ़ावा देंगे
International understanding का पालन करेंगे
ये है Inner wheel club of Bombay मेरी जाँ

Outgoing President Shilpa Mehta placing the Collar on incoming President Neela Parikh
pin - Outgoing President Shilpa Mehta pinning Incoming President Neela Parikh
Charter and by law books - Outgoing President Shilpa Mehta handing over charter, prayer and by law books to Incoming President Neela Parikh
charge hand over - Outgoing President Shilpa Mehta with Incoming President Neela Parikh
Office bearer - cc Mita, ISO Kauser IPP Shilpa, DC Mita Sheth, President Neela Parikh, VP Shivangi, Treasurer Roopal
Team - President Neela Parikh with Executive Committee and trustees
Audience - Event was attended by 92 attendees
Mira Mehta Award - 11th Mira Mehta awarded to Maya Kulkarni special educator for the hearing impaired children
New Members - nine new members got inducted
The audience was enthralled with the singing of children from SEC School (society of education for the crippled / Sec school)
celebration members celebrating club's stepping
on 60th year

Diwali celebrations were ushered in at a well-attended party following our 4th GBM. Festively attired members complemented the CCI hall, which was beautifully decorated by Vatsala, Ankita, Alka, Jayati and Shivani in true Diwali spirit with colourful rangoli, streamers and dupattas. Fun and games were organised by Zarin, Arti, Alka and Najma with plenty of prizes.

The highlight of the evening was a felicitation of the Club’s seniors for many decades of service and their continuing advice. Everyone quickly joined the special garba performed for them.

After a delicious high tea and an evening of camaraderie, every member left with a lucky dip gift as a memento of a wonderful get-together.

The Diwali rangoli
PP Rupali Sen at the registration desk
PDC Falguni and other members
PDC Indira Kotak and PP Anita Parikh
Members enjoying the musical housie
Thinking hard! Quiz in progress!
There! I have won a prize!
Zarin Havewala conducting the games
President Sandra Merchant with her team
Our senior members who were felicitated
Dancing the garba with gusto!

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